Five Years of Mmmmitchell and BEAUTY BAY

When it comes to iconic duos, there are plenty in the beauty industry. But in our opinion, there has never been a power couple quite like @mmmmitchell and BEAUTY BAY. From meeting organically five years ago, to creating iconic eyeshadow palettes, over the years, @mmmmitchell and BEAUTY BAY have given you some of beauty’s finest moments and have become the best of beauty friends.

To celebrate the launch of Made by Mitchell on BEAUTY BAY, we chatted with @mmmmicthell about how it all started and where it’s all going.


“My relationship with BEAUTY BAY started around five years ago. It was probably my first year or two years of doing makeup. I got an email from someone who was working at BEAUTY BAY, asking if I could do some social content for the YouTube channel and it was probably the first huge scale brand that wanted me to be on their socials.

“I remember the first ever YouTube video I did. It was a holographic glitter winged liner and there were comments saying, ‘this isn’t even holographic’.

“And then our relationship just grew and grew and grew. We toured together, and just did so much together. We obviously created the best memory of my entire life, my palette, Me, Myself, and Mmmmitchell. That was truly something so special. It sold out in the first day and we restocked but ultimately, we decided to discontinue because both BEUATY BAY and I knew there was something new coming with my own brand.

“And now here we are! Made by Mitchell is on BEAUTY BAY. I couldn’t have wished for a better first retailer for my brand. Those guys have been with me since the start and it’s so cool they get to be there at the start of my brand.”


“The relationship I have with BEAUTY BAY was really organic and I think it really shows. I’ve become friends with a lot of the people who work at BEAUTY BAY and unlike any other brand I’ve worked with, as BEAUTY BAY has grown, their core has always stayed the same. They believe in good morals, and makeup, and love, and community, and that’s my favourite part of BEAUTY BAY.

“We did our tours together. There were so many other influencers but I kept being invited and I was just so happy about that. Our relationship just got stronger and stronger.”


“I remember when BEAUTY BAY first contacted me about creating the palette, at first I was like, “No, I want to do something else. I feel like everyone is doing palettes” and I just didn’t want to do it at the time. So, then Milly, the Private Label Manager at BEAUTY BAY, was like, ‘Okay, let’s do some liners’. But she ended up getting her way and we did the palette. And I’m so, so glad we did because it truly changed my life. It showed me how a brand should treat a creator, it showed me what my worth was, it showed me so much about the business and about myself. It showed me how to work on a global scale with a brand and it was one the best experiences of my whole life.

“I remember the first days of picking sample shades and reading Pantone books and talking about shades that I already loved that I wanted in there. I even remember the first design of the palette because we started off with a white palette, then it changed to a black palette, then it ended up being a book. It was mad! Mmmmad!”


“So, around two months into having my palette with BEAUTY BAY, it had sold out twice, but it was time for me to think about something beyond my palette and think about what would come next. I felt that it was only right and natural for me to have my own brand. So, around two months after Me, Myself, and Mmmmitchell, I started working on my own brand.

“Again, because I learnt so much from the process of creating my own palette with BEAUTY BAY, I felt like I really managed to get everything I wanted into my brand. From all the brand knowledge to wording and representation, I learnt so much so I was really able to put my own stamp on an entire brand rather than just one product.

“With my first launch, I wanted to really inspired people to really just go for their dreams and realise that you don’t need to be from money or a silver spoon background to create magic. I think that’s what my palette with BEAUTY BAY really proved to me. I did so much and I went from being just a little boy to being a businessman in the space of just a few months and learnt so much and it really did change my life. So, with my own brand I really wanted to give that to other people, which is where Feet On The Ground and Head In The Clouds came from, because I like to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.”