How To Air Dry Hair

In a full-time relationship with your hair dryer? We’ve all been there, but we’re all too familiar with the fact that heat and hair are not the best of friends. If you’ve been planning on laying off the blow dries but need all the tips and tricks to get you started, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether your hair is poker straight, ultra-coily, or anything in between, we’ve got a list of all the things you need to try to get the perfect air dry. Your hair will thank us later.

Apply an oil to the ends whilst still wet

If you’re prone to getting frizz and flyaways, then letting your hair air dry might sound like your worst nightmare. For soft, frizz-free locks, try smoothing an oil through the ends whilst the hair is still wet. Not only will this hydrate your hair, but it’ll leave it looking super smooth too. A favourite of ours is the Davines This Is An Oil Non Oil – it’s super moisturising but doesn’t weigh the hair down, making it ideal for all different hair types.

Ditch the towel

We’ve been wrapping our hair in a towel since day dot, but did you know it could actually be doing more harm than good? Rough cotton fibres can make frizz and breakage more prevalent, meaning that your hair won’t air dry as smoothly. It’s also not great for curls either. Instead, why not try wrapping your hair in a t-shirt or a microfibre towel like this one from Coco & Eve. The softer material still soaks up excess water from the hair, but it’s gentle on your strands too. See ya flyaways.

Make waves

If your hair is naturally straight and you want to style it without using heat, then plaits are your best friend. Braid the hair whilst it’s still damp, then once it’s dry, take them out a voila! Perfect undone waves. Secure the plaits with the Kitsch Scrunchies to avoid kinks at the ends.

Activate your curls

Curls don’t always take kindly to heat, which makes air drying a go-to. To help keep your curls looking their best, why not try the Cantu Avocado Hydrating Curl Activator. This moisturising treatment works to enhance your natural curl pattern, meaning your hair will look the best it’s ever looked.

Comb before, not after

We learn something new every day and did you know that it’s better to comb your hair whilst you’re in the shower, rather than afterwards? Combing your hair whilst it’s wet doesn’t only help to reduce tension on knots, but it also stops frizz forming when your hair is semi-dry. We’re beyond obsessed with the Cantu Sturdy Detangle Comb thanks to it’s super cute tortoiseshell design.

Use a leave-in

If your hair is dry, curly, or in need of some TLC, then it might be time to add a leave-in treatment to your routine. A fave at BBHQ is the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Leave-In Conditioner. Not only does it smell unreal, but the benefits for your hair are endless.