Here’s How To Correctly Apply Face Serum

What was once a buzzword in the skincare world, serums have fast become the heavy-hitters in our routines. With formulas that target just about every single skin concern and packed with active ingredients, we now can’t remember life before them. But when it comes to serums there is a difference between right and wrong, especially when it comes to application. Want to make sure that you’re doing it right? Then keep reading.

Apply to damp skin

This is perhaps the most common stage that people get wrong. The difference between applying to dry skin and damp skin is that damp skin is so much more permeable than dry skin, meaning that all the skin-loving ingredients in your favourite serums can penetrate deeper into the skin, which in turn enables improved results. The best time to apply serums is straight after cleansing and applying toner, whilst your skin still feels slightly damp.

Don’t be excessive

Yep, we’re all guilty of being a bit heavy handed when it comes to serums, especially when we get over-excited about just how great the ingredients are for our complexion. But it’s important to remember that applying loads doesn’t always increase the efficacy of a product, and in fact, applying too much can sometimes actually have adverse effects (we’re looking at you, retinol). Plus, serums can sometimes be the more expensive part of our skincare routines, so be kind to your wallet and hold off a little.

Pat onto the skin, don’t rub

Just like applying serum to damp skin can increase ingredient penetration, so can patting. If you’re used to rubbing your favourite skincare onto the skin, it’s time to make a change. By rubbing, you’re essentially just moving product around your face rather than letting it do its thing and sink into the deeper layers of the skin. Just lightly tap and press your serums into the skin, helping to aid absorption.

Layering? Start with the thinnest texture

As a general rule, if you like to layer serums you should always start with the thinnest texture first and build up to heavier formulas. You can usually identify the consistency of a serum just by feeling it between your fingers. Let each one absorb, then apply the next.

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