How To Apply False Eyelashes, According To A Pro

How great is it when you’re getting ready for a night out and everything is going well: your makeup is MUA worthy, your hair is on point and your outfit is all kinds of glam. Then it’s time to apply your false eyelashes, and suddenly your whole world falls apart. They won’t stick on properly, they don’t fit your eye, they keep popping off in the corners and your night is ruined.  

Sound familiar? To avoid this scenario ever happening again, Lilly Ghalichi, founder of boujee lash brand, Lilly Lashes is here to tell us how to apply false eyelashes (calmly). 

How do I choose the best eyelash style for my eye shape?

Deciding on a flattering lash style for you is easy when you know your eye shape. 

Round eyes look stunning with a wispy lash, like Miami or Diamonds, to open up the inner corner. 

Deep Set eyes really pop with some density right at the lash line and a flare finish to open up the eye. Milan and Luxe really complement this shape. 

Downturned and Almond eyes look great with the fun and flirty lift of a flare lash like Miami Flare or Luxe

Monolid Eyes look best with flared style lashes that lift up the eyes for a sultry vibe like Doha

Hooded Eyes need help creating the illusion of openness and a round lash is perfect for that baby doll look. Lyla and Opulence look lovely on hooded eyes.

How do I cut my lashes to fit my eye?

Lashes aren’t always a perfect fit! In those cases, take your new lashes from the tray and without any glue, line up the outer corner with the edge of your eye. Curve the band along your eye and you’ll be able to see if the lash is longer than your natural eye shape. Take note with your finger where the lash should end and carefully trim from the inner corner with precision scissors.

How do I apply false lashes and get it right first time?

It can be intimidating at first but applying false lashes can be simple with some patience and practice. Carefully remove the lashes from the tray, pulling from the band at one end. Never pull on the lashes themselves. 

You’ll want to make sure the lashes fit your eye. You may need to trim them a little bit for that perfect fit. 

Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the band, applying a little extra glue to the corners, and let it dry down until it is tacky. With an applicator, place the lash in the middle of your lash line and adjust the corners into place. Use your applicator to help bind your natural lashes with the false lashes by clamping with slight pressure.

Can I wear mascara with and on my false eyelashes?

Yes! A light coat of mascara with your false lashes can help seamlessly bind them with your natural lashes. 

How long should I leave the glue to set before applying the lashes?

When applying glue, apply a little extra to the corners and let it dry down until tacky or for about 30-60 seconds.

How do I remove the glue from lashes to reuse them?

Remove adhesive build up from your lashes after about every five to ten times you use them. Very carefully hold one end, using your fingers or tweezers gently remove the glue. Never soak or wet the lashes with makeup remover or any type of liquid as this will ruin the lashes. 

Where should I store my eyelashes in between uses?

You want to ensure the band on your falsies retains its curved shape in between uses. Store your lashes in the tray it came in or in a lash storage case to keep them in pristine condition.

Will false eyelashes ruin my natural lashes?

Not at all! Since false lashes aren’t adhered on your natural lashes, there are no negative long-term effects. That’s the beauty of false lashes!

Please can you tell us your step-by-step guide to applying lashes?

Step One: Carefully remove the lashes from the tray sweeping under the lash and using a lash applicator to lightly grip lash band. Gently lift the band away from the tray, never pulling on the lashes themselves. 

Step Two: Hold the lash up to your eye to measure for sizing. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape, use lash scissors to trim the lash accordingly. Conservatively trim from the inner or outer corner. 

Step Three: Once your desired length is established, use your lash applicator to gently hold lash and apply a thin layer of lash adhesive on the lash band (allow it to dry for 30 seconds). 

Step Four: Once the lash adhesive is tacky, use the lash applicator to carefully place the lash evenly to the middle of the eye lid, as close as possible to the lash line. Once comfortably applied to lash line, use lash applicator to ensure lash is firmly attached to both inner and outer part of the eye. 

Step Five: Allow lash to settle on lash line. Optionally, apply one coat of mascara to natural lashes to perfectly bind to falsies.