How To Apply Lashes To The Lower Lashline

Mascara can only get you so far, and sometimes you’ve just got to fake it ‘til you make it. The right pair of false eyelashes can open up your eyes and instantly enhance your eye makeup game, making them an essential beauty investment.

Even if you’re a dab hand at applying your upper lashes, getting the lower lashes right can seem like a completely different ball game. To help you learn how to apply them like a pro, we’ve broken the process down into three simple steps. Check them out below.

Step 1 - Measure

• Choose which lower lashes you’d like to apply.

• Hold the lash strip against your eye, with the lashes curving downwards.

• If the lashes appear too long, trim them to your desired length with a pair of lash scissors.

• If the length of the lash strip is longer than your bottom lashes, trim that too.

• Apply lash adhesive to the base of the lash strip.

• Let the adhesive dry to a tacky finish.

• Pick the lash strip up with a pair of tweezers.

Step 3 - Apply

• Look upwards (if poss!)

• Line up the thickest part of the lash strip with the outer corner of the eye.

• Place the lash strip as close as possible to the natural lash line.

Top Tips

• If the base of the eyelash strip is too obvious, draw a thick line of liquid eyeliner to hide it, as well as adding depth to the eyes.

• There shouldn’t be a gap between the false lashes and your real ones, so try to inch the strip as close to your eye as possible.