How To Apply False Eyelashes

Even the most experienced beauty pros will admit that the struggle is real when it comes to applying false eyelashes. From how to measure them, where to apply the glue, and the best way to actually get them on, it can be a super frustrating process. 

The thing is, nothing beats the feeling of putting on false lashes – they instantly transform your look, adding way more drama and glam than just a regular coat of mascara. 

Whether you’re a newbie to false eyelash application, or simply want some top tips – scroll down for our quick and easy step-by-step guide to applying falsies, perfectly

Step 1: Prep lashes 

Comb through lashes with a lash comb, then add shape with eyelash curlers and apply a coat of mascara. The mascara helps your natural lashes to support the weight of the false ones. 

Step 2: Removal 

Remove the lashes from their packaging, peeling them from the outer edge (if you damage this section in the process it doesn’t matter because you’ll probably be cutting it off anyway). 

Step 3: Measurement 

Measure up the lashes by resting them along your lashline. Place the start of the strip where your natural lashes start to get thick (they’ll irritate your eyes if you place them too close to the inner corner). 

Step 4: Cut to fit 

Trim lashes from the outside edge – end them about 3 lashes before your natural lashline ends (if they’re too long it will look droopy). Always cut from the band to avoid accidentally snipping the lashes. 

Step 5: Add glue 

Lightly dot a layer of glue along the band from corner to corner. Allow 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky before placing it on your eye (this will stop it from slipping around). For extra longevity, add a layer of adhesive to your natural lashline as well. 

Step 6: Placement 

Use tweezers to manouevre the lashes – look down and press the band against your lashline, start on the outside first and make sure that the corners and centre are firmly pressed into place. 

Step 7: Mind the gap 

Use your fingers to gently pinch the false lashes and your natural lashes together so you don’t end up with a visible gap. 

The Supplies

For subtle glamour these fine, wispy lashes have a slightly tousled, fluffy effect that works really well for a day-to-night or everyday look. Each individual lashe is built on with an overlapping technique which creates an eye-opening 3D finish. 

The best thing about this lash adhesive (apart from the fact that it’s super strong and keeps your lashes in place all day (and night)) is the applicator – the precision thin brush makes it super easy to trace glue onto both the lash band and your lashline, without overdoing it. 

Want drama? Thanks to the clever layering of these (cruelty-free) mink lashes, they offer full-on eyecatching glamour – but with a soft, feathery finish that doesn’t look too strong or take away from your eyeshadow look.