How To Apply False Eyelashes

If you’re a beauty beginner learning how to achieve a flawless blend, cut a killer crease, or create a blinding highlight comes with time, lots of practice, and plenty of patience. Luckily, BEAUTY BAY’s MUA friends are on hand to show you the basics of really great makeup. In the Beginners Makeup Tutorial series, we’ll be showing you how to perfect all your beauty skills, from eyeshadow to eyeliner, highlighter to contour.

See below for @mariepmakeup’s tutorial on how to use apply false eyelashes using Sample Beauty’s Flutterfly Vegan Synthetic Silk False Lashes.


Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, apply your mascara as usual.

Choose your favourite Sample Beauty Vegan Synthetic Silk False Lashes and cut the end of the lash if necessary, to fit perfectly to the shape of your eyes.


Apply Sample Beauty’s Glitz Glue over the lash band and wait around 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.


Once the glue has dried a little, take your tweezers and apply the lash to the centre of the lash line.


Once the lash is in a centre position, gently press on the outer corner to secure the lash.


Use the same method of gently pressing the lash on to the inner corner of the eye.


To secure the lashes, use your fingers to stick your natural lashes to the false lashes. This creates a strong foundation and helps to blend your lashes with the false eyelashes.


To remove the lashes, gently pull at one end of the band. Do not pull from the lashes. Keep your lashes clean and ready to be reused by brushing them with a spoolie and clearing dried glue with tweezers.