A Tanning Expert Showed Us How To Contour With Fake Tan

We’re all obsessed with contouring – after all, who doesn’t want to sculpt their face? So when we heard that contouring with fake tan was a thing (those in-the-know refer to it as tontouring) we knew we had to call in the expert to show us how it’s done… 

Jules von Hep is the celebrity tanning expert behind Isle of Paradise – the game-changing, vegan self-tanning brand that works on the basis of colour correction to achieve the perfect tan. With his expert knowledge and tanning experience (he’s worked with A-listers including Blake Lively, Kendal Jenner, and Kate Moss), Jules can literally sculpt and slim your body with just a bottle of instant tan and a makeup sponge. 


“Exfoliating is key – choose an oil-free scrub and use exfoliating gloves to work the scrub in circular motions – paying special attention to the toes, ankles, heels and elbows” Jules advises. “Do this at least 24 hours before you apply your self tan. If you use any retinols & AHAs do this 24 hours before you apply your self tan also.” 


“I always think it’s best to apply a full body application of self-tan first. Just one coat will give the skin a uniform finish and ensure the tantouring looks it’s best.” Jules advses. “Directly before you apply, remove make up, deodorant and any fragrance on the skin. I tell my clients to shower half an hour before I arrive as the skin is plump and full of hydration which aids in a better self tan absorption.” Jules also instructs clients to “Splash your face with cold water to close your pores and if you can’t bear to not moisturise, add a hyaluronic acid serum to your face 15 minutes before you apply your self tan.”

To ensure your tan lasts well, “apply Isle of Paradise Prep It and moisturise your dry areas (these areas LOVE self tan, so adding moisturiser acts as a blending agent) using an aloe vera rich moisturising cream – so hands, elbows, knees, feet and any areas that may have eczema or psoriasis. If you have fair hairs, add a touch of lip balm or coconut oil to your hair line, eyebrows and nails (if you don’t wear polish).”

When it comes to application “sweep one coat of Isle of Paradise Self Tan Mousse in your chosen shade using an applicator mitt onto the skin (don’t apply in circular motions, always sweep the mousse onto the skin, imagine you’re frosting a cake). Apply one light coat to the face (I mix half a pump of self tan mousse with moisturiser on my mitt for the face). Wait 4-6 hours while the mousse develops, then shower – do not moisturise your body after showering.” 


“Before you apply your tantouring layer, it’s important to really look at your body and your face with positivity.” says Jules. “Love every single curve, shape and structure you have already. Look at where your face naturally indents and protrudes and where your body shows its shape.”

To start “take a plate and pump Isle of Paradise Self Tan Mousse directly onto it. Using a make up sponge, dip the sponge into the tan and lightly add this extra layer to the outer nose, outer brow, and underneath your cheek bones and jawline, buffing the edges to blend. Remember, less is more here and you want this to look completely undetectable when the tan has fully developed on the skin.”

Using an applicator mitt “sweep additional product in-between your bust, under your inner arm to shade your bicep, down your outer torso, and in-between your thighs – buffing the outer areas to blend each time. Allow 4 – 6 hours to develop before showering.”

Up keep

To keep your tantour hydrated, Jules recommends “moisturising with an aloe vera rich moisturiser, avoiding using retinol or AHAs and ensuring you dress that skin with highlighter and shimmer!”

All you need is

 “A tanning primer designed to work much like a make up primer – aiding in a more even finish, a deeper penetration into the skin which results in a longer lasting glow.”

“Choose your shade determined by the result you’re after. Go for Peach for a light tan, Green for medium, and Violet for dark.”

“The combination of rounded and angled edges make this udeal for precision application when it comes to applying your tantour.”