How To Heatproof Your Makeup

Most things seem to love the heat except our makeup. As soon as temperatures rise, our base begins to slip and fall. The main reason for this is sweat which, granted not a lot can be done about in 30 degrees plus heat. The good news is that there are numerous ways you can prevent the dreaded sweaty skin. The even better news is that they really do work! 

Read on to discover our top tips to making your makeup work this summer…


Eyeshadow primers are imperative to locking that shadow pigment onto the skin. By BEAUTY BAY’s Eye Base comes in five different shades so you can find the perfect hue for you. Swipe it across each eyelid, gently rubbing it in.


Before applying any makeup products, prep your skin using the By BEAUTY BAY The First Prime Oil Control Priming Mist. The clever formula contains vitamin B6, to sufficiently soak up any excess oil, control shine and leave your base beautifully prepped for makeup. 


Once you’ve finished applying your makeup you need to seal the deal with a hard-working setting spray. By BEAUTY BAY’s Set It Don’t Regret It Mattifying Setting Mist is a souped-up spray that holds everything in place for up to 12-hours. The best part? This mist also mattifies, mopping up any shiny spots and leaving your makeup looking fresh all day long.