13 Heatwave Beauty Essentials For Summer 2024

Struggling to keep cool in a heatwave? We get it. With the warmer weather (hopefully) in full swing, it’s time beat the heat and get sun-ready with our heatwave beauty essentials.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make makeup last all day in hot weather, want bronzed, glowy skin, or need to stock up on hydrating products for heat damaged hair, we’ve carefully selected our fave summer beauty essentials.

Whatever the occasion – from festivals to beach days and everything in between – we’ve got the beauty basics you need to feel (and look) your best this summer season.

1. SPF is your BFF

There are so many reasons why you should be wearing SPF other than ‘because it’s sunny’, but if there’s a time more than ever that you need to slather it on, it’s during a heatwave or the summer months. Keep your skin protected and free from skin damage by applying SPF. Every. Single. Day! We really mean it.

2. Protect your pout

While we know how important sun protection is for our skin, we often overlook the importance of protecting our lips. Overexposure to the sun can leave lips sore and dry and increase signs of premature ageing. To keep your smile looking its healthiest, add an SPF lip balm to your summer essentials list for younger-looking, hydrating lips.

3. Make makeup last with a setting spray

If there’s one thing that has to make it on your heatwave beauty essentials list, it’s a setting spray. Makeup is prone to becoming greasier and wearing off faster during hot weather, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it stays in place. Opt for a long-lasting setting spray to help makeup last longer. Another bonus — they double up as a refreshing face mist so you can keep cool.

5. Refresh with a facial mist

Out in the garden and need to keep cool? In the office and need a refreshing boost? A face mist is the answer. There are simple water formulas or botanical options to choose from, but they all have on thing in common — they’re a cooling summer saviour.

5. Banish BO with deodorant

If there’s ever a time you need a reliable deodorant, it’s during a heatwave. Luckily for you, we have lots of options to choose from. Gone are the days where you reach for a can of aluminium-packed spray. We have the formulas that are kind to skin, friendly to the planet, and most importantly, they really work.

6. Challenge chafe

Although we love summer and the hot weather it brings, the chafing that comes with it is not it. In a sweaty SOS? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with anti-chafe and friction products for every part of the body — bye bye boob sweat!

7. Cool down with after sun

The soothing sister to SPF, we can’t recommend using after sun enough. Designed specifically for use after exposure to the sun, this sun saviour is packed full of moisturising ingredients designed to rehydrate the skin. It also helps to reduce any sun-induced redness and inflammation. Simply smooth on, head to bed, and thank us later.

8. Prime your skin for a budge-proof base

Make your makeup bulletproof by combining a setting spray and a primer to help your looks last throughout the day. At this time of year, you might want to opt for an oil-control or long-lasting formula, rather than a dewy, hydrating finish. It’ll help your makeup stay budge- and crease-free.

9. Bronze your body

Ultimately, if your skin is getting tanned by the sun, it’s also being damaged. The best option? Reach for the fake tan. Not only will you look like you’e just got back off a month-long holiday, but your skin will thank you for avoiding those harmful UV rays, too.

10. Say goodbye to stubble (or don’t)

When it comes to summer skin, you do you. But if you prefer the hairless route, we’ve got you covered. Why not get ahead of the game with IPL hair removal? Or, if you’ve missed your bikini wax, protect against ingrowns with a hydrating serum. Either way, you’ll be summer-ready.

11. Give frizz a miss

We’ve all seen that famous Friends scene. When the temperature hots up, so does the frizz. Get one step ahead with these summer haircare essentials. There are serums, shampoos, and edge gels to make sure you’re free from frizz and flyaways all summer long.

12. Keep puffiness and swelling at bay

When we say that cryo tools are a lifesaver during the summer months, we really mean that. Reducing puffy eyes and swelling that can arise during warmer weather, cryo tools are a non-negotiable heatwave beauty essential. Simply leave it to freeze and roll over your face and body to keep cool when it’s anything but.

13. Join the heatless hairstyle hype

Want big bouncy curls without the heat damage? Whether you want to invest in a heatless curler, embrace and define your natural curls, or keep flyaways at bay, we’re all about putting the heatless tools down this summer. Instead, opt for a satin heatless curling set, a curl defining cream, or an edge gel, to create flawless styles that last.