Ask Grace: Can I Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags?

Hey Grace, 

I’d love to know if there’s any way to get rid of the puffy under-eye bags I wake up with every morning? They are always noticeable but seem to be worse when I wake up. I use eye cream twice a day but it doesn’t seem to do anything. 


Eye puffiness is super common, especially in the morning! The skin around the eye area is thin and fragile which means that it’s often the first area where our skin shows the impact of anything that might be affecting it. Puffiness can be triggered by a number of lifestyle factors such as fluid retention, lack of sleep, allergies, smoking, sun exposure, diet, and product use. It’s important also to understand that to some extent our genetics also play a role, and that under-eye bags can become more noticeable as we age, and our skin becomes looser and less elastic as elastin and collagen break down. The best way to figure out what’s causing your eye puffiness is to identify your trigger and then follow my top tips below. 

Stay hydrated

Keeping yourself (and your skin) hydrated can really help to reduce under-eye puffiness, which is often triggered by dehydration or salty food. Increasing your daily water intake, getting 8 hours sleep a night, and identifying any other potential triggers like allergies, smoking, or a salty diet can quickly fix temporary puffiness. 

Avoid heavy creams

Rich, thick eye creams are great for targeting fine lines and dry skin in the eye area, but they can actually cause puffiness, especially when used overnight. Replace them with lighter textured options, gel formulas, stick applicators, or eye serums. These formulations will absorb quickly and won’t overload the delicate eye area and cause fluid buildup. 

Try massage

Many eye products come with applicators designed for eye massage, and you can even purchase tools specifically designed to massage the eye area. This can help to drain away any excess fluid which has built up and is causing eyes to look puffy or swollen. Gently work away from the eyes, draining fluid to your temples then down to the bottom of your ears. 

Cool down

Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow, so ice rollers, chilled eye care products, or even something as simple as cool cucumber slices can help to reduce under-eye puffiness. Store eye masks, gels, and serums in a skincare fridge to keep them cold and look out for products with metal applicators that will feel cool on application. 

Look out for caffeine

Just as a morning cup of coffee makes you feel more awake, as an ingredient within eyecare products, caffeine can make eyes look and feel less puffy. Caffeine is both anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive, which means it can constrict blood vessels and reduce the appearance of swelling. Look out for eye creams and serums which contain caffeine or green tea. 

Boost collagen

As we age and lose collagen, skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. This contributes to the appearance of loose, sagging skin, so bags can appear more noticeable and may be harder to treat. To prevent loss of elasticity, use products with ingredients like vitamin C and retinol

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