Ask Grace: What’s The Best Way To Prevent Cakey Makeup?

Hi Grace, 

I apply a full face of makeup every morning and it looks fine for a few hours, but by the afternoon it looks cakey and kind of like it’s separated and peeling off my skin? I’ve tried applying more makeup on top, but it seems to make things worse. I’d love to know what’s the best way to prevent the cakey-ness! 


Cakey makeup is almost always triggered by skin texture, which is why skin prep is so key! If your skin is dry, oily, or dehydrated then it’s likely to impact how your makeup looks and how well it lasts. I know exactly what you mean by that peely, separated effect – it typically happens when skin is dehydrated and absorbs the moisture from the makeup – so the makeup formula literally does separate. Most people have dehydrated skin (to varying degrees) and spending long periods of time in places that have central heating or air conditioning (so low amount of humidity) can make things worse. 

It can be hard to fix that separated effect (and as you’ve discovered, adding more makeup doesn’t really help!), but misting on a hydrating setting spray can help to revive cakey makeup if you get in there fast enough. To prevent it from happening in the first place though, it’s important to focus on prepping and priming your skin properly. Primer and priming sprays are useful, but it’s important to remember that makeup prep doesn’t start with a primer – establish a moisture-focused skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t feel the need to absorb that moisture from your makeup. Layer your hydrating products from thinnest to thickest to ensure the ingredients are properly absorbed. Start by applying a face mist or essence, then a hydration serum, and then moisturiser. After SPF, you can then apply a primer, followed by your concealer and foundation. Try to choose makeup products that have hydrating benefits and contain moisturising ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to keep the moisture going! 

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