How To Use A Lip Scrub

We’ve all been there…Combining copious amounts of sugar, even salt, with our favourite lip balm, or worse, the bottle of olive oil in the kitchen to make a lip scrub. There’s nothing us beauty obsessives won’t do for soft, supple lips, and concocting our own lip scrub is one of them. Now we’ve grown up, our eyes have been opened to the huge range of lip scrub formulas available, that make our lips buttery soft, and our favourite lipsticks, tints and glosses apply like a dream.

From physical exfoliants to chemical and from butter bases to oils, there are tonnes of options when it comes to lip scrubs, ones that don’t involve a kitchen DIY session. 

Exfoliating your lips is essential, but while beneficial, it can be easily overdone. Considering that the skin on your lips is extremely delicate, it can be so easy to overdo it when it comes to lip scrubs, and we’re here to give you lowdown on what to do and what not to do.

Ready to discover how lip scrubs work, which ingredients to look out for, and how to safely join in on the act of exfoliation? Keep reading.

What do lip scrubs do?

Lip scrubs work to remove impurities and dry/dead skin cells from your lips, leaving them softer, smoother, and ready for application of lip products. They are often made from an exfoliant, like sugar, and an emollient like oils or butter. The key to a great lip scrub is the right combo of ingredients, too abrasive and you’ll end up causing more harm than good. 

Is it okay to use a lip scrub everyday?

Exfoliating your lips should be something you do no more than once a week. More than once a week will end up with you doing more damage than good, and nobody wants that. Overuse of lip scrubs can also lead to irritation of the skin around your lips, so make sure you’re keeping use to a minimum. Trust us, it’s more than enough.  

Are lip scrubs good for chapped lips?

If you are already experiencing super dry, peeling, and flaking lips, it’s time to put the lip scrub down. Do not be tempted! Scrubbing skin that is already dry can lead to inflammation and cracks in the outer skin layer that actually makes the dryness worse in the long run. If you’re lips are beyond what a lip scrub can offer, opt for a deep moisturising balm or mask instead. Heal your lips before you go crazy with a scrub.

What ingredients make the best lip scrubs?

The best concoction for a lip scrub always features two important things. Number one is a physical (or chemical) exfoliant, and two is an emollient, a nourishing base. When it comes to the exfoliant, it’s important to choose an ingredient that is not too abrasive (can cause micro tears in your lips). Sugar is a super safe and also effective option, and often found in most lip scrubs. Chemical exfoliants can also be considered, so keep your eyes peeled for ingredients like honey or fruit enzymes. These chemical exfoliants will help break down dry skin and build up on the lips, without being too harsh.

As for the nourishing base, opt for something containing hydrating natural oils like almond, jojoba, coconut or olive. These ingredients will keep your lips feeling and looking smooth, supple and baby-soft.

How do you use a lip scrub?

We love to use a lip scrub whilst we’re taking off our makeup, to keep mess to a minimum. After removing your makeup, apply your lip scrub, gently massaging the lips to exfoliate them. Then, leave your lip scrub on your lips as you finish cleansing your skin. Leaving your scrub on the lips for a couple of minutes will help your lips soak up the nourishing ingredients in the scrub, and be fully rid of any dead skin.

After a couple of minutes, wipe your lips clean and carry on with your regular skincare routine. Make sure you apply a hydrating lip balm or mask after using a scrub, to lock in the moisture and keep your lips in top condition.

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