How To Use Builder Gel

If you’re on a journey to ditch the acrylics and achieve longer, stronger and healthier natural nails, then we know you have stumbled across builder gel. A thick gel used for short nail extensions and as an overlay over the natural nail to give extra strength, protection, and durability, builder gel is the miracle answer to all your short, brittle and thin natural-nail dramas.

Easy to apply (and remove), builder gel is the perfect base for all your at-home mani sessions, and can be worn on its own or with a design on top, could we ask for any more?

Want to start your journey to healthy, longer and stronger natural nails but not sure where to start? We’ve got your back with our easy to follow, step by step tutorial on how to use builder gel.

1. prep

The secret to a long-lasting gel mani lies in your prep. It’s a step that should never be overlooked or god forbid, skipped, so make sure you dedicate some time to this one. Start out by prepping and filing your nails into shape with a nail file and pushing back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

Then, lightly etch the base of your nail plate with your file (this is crucial to create texture, so that the gel can stick to your nails) and wipe them clean of all dust with a prep solution. If there is any dust or cuticle residue left on your nails, your gels will most likely start lifting and peeling after application.

2. base layer

After your nail prep, apply a thin layer of Mylee 5-in-1 Builder Gel to the nail, and cure under a UV lamp for 2 mins or LED lamp for 60 secs.

3. thicker layer

Apply another thicker layer of Builder Gel to the nail and cure again, using side to side sweeping motions to cover the nail evenly. Use a fine liner brush to get the side walls of your nails covered. if you happen to get polish on your skin, make sure to remove it before curing.

4. top coat

This is now the time to add any nail art if you wish, but if not, apply a layer of gel top coat to each nail, and cure again for 60 seconds

5. cuticle oil

To keep your manicure looking fresh and nourished, finish by appling cuticle oil.


Ready to take off your builder gel mani and start fresh? We’ve got the tutorial for you here.