13 BEAUTY BAY Staff Share Their Favourite In-Flight Products

We’re officially in jet-setting season, and here at BEAUTY BAY HQ, the only thing on our mind is what beauty must-haves we’re taking on the flight with us. Whether it’s a hydrating sheet mask for an in-air pamper moment, a nourishing balm to save our lips from drying out, or a bottle of SPF that’ll have us protected from the second we land, best believe we’re making space in our carry-on for these essentials.

From mini, travel-friendly moisturisers and dewy, tinted facial drops, to ultra-nourishing lip balms and sheet masks, the BEAUTY BAY staff know a good in-flight skincare routine find when it comes their way, and they’re always willing to share their top picks.

Wanna know what beauty products our staff can’t live without on a flight? Scroll to find out.

Abigail, Trading Executive

I absolutely love my Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It’s the perfect feel-good product for any holiday and has allowed me to prep my skin for hydration before I jet away! As it’s only 75ml, it’s perfect for my hand luggage too. I also love whipping Made By Mitchell’s Drip Drip Blursh Lights Liquid Highlighter out when I’m just about to hit holiday mode. It’s a perfect little tool to add a shimmer to my eyes before I get off the plane to start my holiday party mode. It takes me from clean-girl on the plane to Ibiza-ready as soon as I land, and is also great to use as a body highlighter. Finally, I can’t live without the Megababe Thigh Rescue. This product has saved me time and time again as before using it, I was uncomfortable, agitated and wanted to remain redudant from activities in the sun. Thanks to this thigh rescue, I can freely enjoy getting about on holiday with no worries!

Yusuf, Mid-Weight Software Developer

When it comes to flying, I like to get my skin prepped before I board the flight. After my usual skincare routine, I always finish with an SPF50 – the one by Bondi Sands in particular leaves a really nice hydrating glow, keeping my skin protected from harmful UVA/B rays, whilst keeping my skin from drying out. My skin can dry out on a flight in particular, so this SPF is great. Highly recommend for anyone with dry skin! Once I’m off the flight, I’d want to melt down the dirt, sweat and sunscreen from the day. By BEAUTY BAY’s very own cleansing balm does a brilliant job as a first cleanse, after which I’d follow up with a water-based cleanser. I’d end my routine with some of the Laneige Sleeping Mask in Vanilla – it has a nice scent but not overpowering, and locks in the moisture on my lips overnight.

Alex, Supply Planning Manager

I like to travel light and take minimal make up, but one thing I absolutely won’t compromise on is good skincare. My skin is super dry so I’ll always take a hydrating moisturiser and eye cream on a flight with me. This Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cream is perfect because it gives a much needed boost of hydration to relieve my dry skin. Its nourishing but doesn’t feel greasy, so I can reapply it on the plane for a little refresh. I first bought the viral SPF from Thank You Farmer and now I’m hooked on the whole brand. Dehydration in my skin is always so visible around the eyes, so I’ll also use Dear Klairs Eye Gel to smooth and de-puff. You only need a small amount but it still feels so premium and a nice treat during a long flight. And the jars perfect travel size. I’m obsessed with K-Beauty so both these brands are winners with me. I’ll also take my trusty Made By Mitchell Liquid Bronzer with me. It’s ideal for when you’re about to land and want to step off the plane looking glowy and bronzed. I use it as a bronzer on my cheeks and to contour my jawline. I’ll also use it as eyeshadow so it saves space not having to take another product!

Asha, Junior Graphic Designer

During a long or even a short flight I always want to make sure that I have the essentials with me! Firstly, when you’re on a flight the first thing that immediately feels dry is my lips! If you’re like every other beauty obsessive, then you know you need to keep those lips hydrated! Before flying I use the Laneige Lip Treatment Balm to ensure it plumps, nourishes, firms and smooth lips for when I get off! The 4 in 1 treatment is an essential to prevent dry lips with yet a subtle and glossy treatment. Next, during the flight I always want to make sure I am as comfortable as possible which includes looking after my hair! I use the Slip Scrunchies to keep my hair healthy and prevent breakage, in which a normal elastic hair tie will. It is comfortable for when you want a nap but can also ensure your hair will retain moisture and prevent kinks and frizz. Finally, we have the Supergoop SPF 30 Glow Screen. This has a high factor SPF which will instantly protect your skin before you get off that flight whilst offering that holiday glow! When you’re coming off a flight and you don’t want to wear a full face of makeup, this is the perfect alternative with an added boost of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5! 

Emma, Senior Influencer & PR Executive

The feeling of dry skin is quite possibly one of the worst feelings ever. I need to constantly be moisturised and lip balm’d up at all times. If this is you, welcome, you’re safe here. I take 3 easy in-flight steps  to ensure that feeling of dryness doesnt occur, I hope these examples help you! Number 1: get yourself a facial mist, any mist will do (I like the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray), this will retain moisture in your skin and prevent that tight skin feeling we all dread, it’s a need not a want. Number 2: find a good SPF 50 lip balm, Hello Sunday is my preferred lip balm of choice. This will moisturise your lips and also prevent damage from the sun rays penetrating through the plane window. Number 3: last but not least, UK Lash’s Gel Eye Patches; these are so easy and convenient to travel with, put these bag boys on, get yourself a glass of wine and sit back and relax!

Chloe, Senior PR & Influencer Manager

I’m not a great flyer so I tend to try and fall asleep before take off whether it’s a long or short-haul flight, and an eye-mask is a must-have for this. I love the style of the Kitsch Pillow Eye Mask as it blocks out maximum light whilst being soft on my eye area. Without fail I apply an SPF before stepping off any plane, whether into hot or cold weather – take this as your reminder to wear SPF every day! I’ve had my eye on the Ultra-Violette Fave Fluid SPF50+ since it launched as it looks super lightweight which I know my breakout-prone skin loves. The Dr.Jart Ceramidin range is fail-proof IMO, and the mist is no exception. This mini version is perfect for hand-luggage and can be used for a skin pick-me-up during your flight. It’s super hydrating and comforting for irritated skin, so also a great addition to your routine after a long day in the sun.

Elisha, NPD Assistant

The below travel friendly products are my holiday must haves to keep my skin prepped and protected both in the lead-up to arriving on holiday and throughout. We all know it’s important to wear SPF even before arriving at your holiday destination, and I love that the Hello Sunday Illuminating One Glow Primer SPF50 gives me dewy glow, all while hydrating and protecting my skin. The added benefit is that I can mix this with a light-weight skin-tint for protection and coverage.  During a flight I loveeee to spritz my face with the By BEAUTY BAY Hyaluronic Acid + Sea Moss Hydrating Face Mist. The hyaluronic acid locks in hydration and helps maintain the glowy base my SPF has set, with the sea moss softening and smoothing my skin. The added benefit of saccharide isomerate protects my skin from any yuckiness which may be lurking on the plane. One spritz and I feel good to go! Finally, before arriving at my destination, I love to apply Bellamianta’s Illuminating Bronzing Drops. This silky smooth formula blends effortlessly into the skin, my former pale self is a distant memory as this product gives me a bronzed glow ready to step off the plane.

Ashleigh, Copy & Editorial Executive

If there’s one box I always make sure to tick when it comes to packing my in-flight liquids bag, it has to be hydration. Whether i’m sitting on a plane for 2 hours or 6, my skin dries out all the same. The Bubble Skincare Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer Creme is perfect for travel, thanks to it’s easy-dispensing bottle and ulta-hydrating formula, that is easy to apply and lasts a whole flights worth. After applying moisturiser, if I feel that my skin needs an extra boost of moisture mid-way through the flight, I always reach for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set Setting Spray, it leaves the skin feeling plump with hydration and looking so glowy. Finally, one part of the body that I feel a lot of people tend to neglect when flying is their hands, so the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Touch™ Hand Cream never leaves my side. Non-greasy (never ideal, especially not on a plane), this fast-absorbing hand cream soaks into the hands to leave an uber-moisturised feel, and the delicious scent delivers nothing but pure holiday vibes, perfect when you’re about to step into a warmer climate.

Grace, Copy & Editorial Manager

There are only two things on my skincare agenda when I’m flying – hydration and protection. The recycled air flow on planes is notorious for sucking the moisture out of skin, which is why it can often look and feel so dull and dry after a long flight. For this reason I always take a sheet mask with me and apply it as soon as I’m in the air – I particularly love the COSRX Comfort Ceramide Soft Cream Sheet Mask because it’s soaked in a really thick, creamy serum which feels super nourishing. Once removed, I then seal in all that hydrating goodness with a moisturiser before applying SPF. UV exposure on planes is incredibly high so sunscreen is non-negotiable – especially if you’re in a window seat. Right now I’m loving Supergoop’s Watery Lotion SPF50 because it absorbs so quickly and easily. I also apply an SPF lip balm (Ultra Violette’s Sheen Screen SPF50 is my favourite) because the delicate lip area is highly prone to damage.

Emily, Merchandiser

My main bug bare on a flight (particularly long haul!) is disembarking the plane feeling like all the hydration on my skin has been left at home, and drinking plenty water can only do so much! I find these products my absolute MUSTS to prep my skin for touch down. The Glow Screen by Supergoop is my no.1 go to, its so multi-use on a flight. It protects my skin, as it’s essential to wear SPF on a flight, it hydrates my skin, and finally gives me that glowy finish which disguises that fact I’ve woke up at 4am in the morning to rush to the airport.  I get super dry lips on a flight too, and the Laneige Glowy Balm is the perfect travel size to keep them feeling plump and hydrated. It feels and looks like a gloss but good to know its keeping my lips nourished too! The Sol De Janeiro Jet Set bundle is so good as they’re all travel size minis, the scent is AMAZING and literally smells like a holiday. The bum bum cream has never made my skin feel as soft and hydrated. The bag is a little bonus as you can never have too many travel pouches to pack in your beauty essentials.

Jodie, Social Media Manager

I’m always comfiest on a flight if I feel hydrated, which is why I’ll always take a hydrating mist like the Laneige Cream Skin Mist for a refreshing mid-flight spritz. It goes without saying SPF is an absolute must before flying – but I’ll also reapply on longhaul journies, so the Thank You Farmer SPF stick is ideal for top ups. The most ‘extra’ part of my in-flight routine is definitely a lip gloss. I don’t tend to wear much makeup to fly but I love popping on some gloss like a MAC Squirt before landing to give the illusion of being put-together.

Olivia, CRM Executive

Being a last minute girlie, travelling for me often involves a lack of sleep, a lot of coffee, and the need to nap at any opportunity I get. Heatless curls have been an absolute game changer for my airport trips, as it means I can nap comfortably without compromising on good hair. The Cordina Hair Flower Heatless Curl Ring is perfect for giving that bouncy blow look when you step off the plane, with minimal time and effort required! Perfect for someone like me with typically high-maintenance, thick hair. As for my skin, I won’t fly without my holy grail Laneige. Air con really dries out my skin and lips, so the Laneige Good Night Kit is the ideal duo for keeping skin hydrated and protected from pollutants, containing both a face and lip mask. The packaging is also flight-friendly, so will fit in your carry-on perfectly! Something else you won’t catch me travelling without is a good perfume. The adjustment to new climate requires something to freshen up with, and Who Is Elijah has some really nice scents which are just 10ml, so they’re great for carrying around and using for short trips away – you just can’t go wrong!

Tanith, Assistant Buyer

Having a love/hate relationship with flying is nightmare, however having some of my essentials has massively helped me power through! Firstly I need to calm myself down for take off, I hate it so much. But Aesop comes to the rescue with their Ginger Flight Therapy. Which massively helps with feeling stresses, travel sick and tired, and with it being in a roll on oil its perfect to travel with. Then the routine starts, so I’ve done my skin prep in the morning but you know that aircon on planes dries me out so much! So hydration is a must, so my current go to for an intensive face mask is the FOREO Supercharged Sleeping Mask. Its so thick and soaks into the skin beautifully. And whilst we’re travelling at 30,000 feet, why not curl my hair too. I love a super early morning flight, so I normally board the plane looking like I’ve rolled out of bed and walk off the plane in full glam. The SILKE Heatless Curler is a lifesaver. Firstly if you haven’t got silk bobbles what are you doing? They’re life changing, as a brightly haired girly my hair has been through it. So anything that helps not make it snag and pull, I’m here for. The kit is so easy to use, and I can get gorgeous curls for when I strut off the plane.