Everything You Need To Know About The Laneige Sleeping Masks

If you’re one of many who struggle to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, waking up to tired, dull, or lacklustre skin may be all too familiar. Luckily for the night owls among us, Laneige are here to save the night (and our skin) from the tell-tale signs of tiredness. Since the ‘90s, this innovative Korean skincare brand has been working hard behind the scenes to bring effective, hydrating, barrier-boosting skincare to our daily routines, to promote a healthier, more radiant complexion. While Laneige have a range of products that do just this, their trio of revolutionary Sleeping Masks are the perfect quick fix if you want to replenish your skin.  

Designed to restore optimal moisture levels to your base while addressing your skin concerns, these innovative Sleeping Masks work to revitalise your complexion while you catch up on your Zzzs. Including a mask that deeply hydrates, one that soothes and strengthens, and one that adds bounce and firmness to your base, these Sleeping Masks are here to take beauty sleep to a whole new level. Scroll on to meet the Sleeping Mask you need for your next pamper night.

1. Water Sleeping Mask

Ideal for the dry skin guys and girlies out there, the Water Sleeping Mask is designed to bring some serious hydration back to your base. Formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients including a patented probiotics-derived complex and squalane, this mask works to hydrate, brighten, and soften the skin. The lightweight formula also helps to strengthen the skin barrier, boost the skin’s radiance, and protect it from external aggressors, giving your skin a fighting chance against dryness and damage. Simply pop on your mask two-to-three times a week before your forty winks, and wake up to radiant, intensely hydrated skin. 

2. Cica Sleeping Mask

If your skin is easily irritated, the Cica Sleeping Mask could be your match made in skincare heaven. Powered by forest yeast, an ingredient praised for its ability to regenerate the complexion, this mask helps to soothe sensitive skin in need of some TLC. Along with its calming qualities, it also helps to build your skin’s defence against external aggressors and irritants, promoting a stronger, healthier skin barrier. Add this rich, leave-on treatment to your routine to reveal a softer, deeply hydrated, renewed complexion.

3. The Bouncy and Firm Sleeping Mask

Designed with oily and combination skin in mind, the Bouncy and Firm Sleeping Mask works to restore dull skin lacking in firmness and elasticity. Enriched with a blend of Peony & Collagen Complex™ and peptides that intensely revitalises and firms the skin, and Hydro-Melt Glow Capsules to protect the skin’s moisture barrier, this overnight mask works to nurture your base while boosting its elasticity and bounce. Along with this, it also uses a nourishing hyaluronic acid and green tea probiotic to promote smoothness and hydration. With consistent use, this multi-purpose mask even promises to deliver long-term benefits such as minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for the ultimate flawless finish. Make way for bouncier, brighter, more youthful looking skin.