30 Nail Art Ideas For Long Nails

The power of long nails should never be underestimated.  Whether you’re into the Cardi B, Kylie Jenner vibe or prefer something a little more understated, long nails are the perfect way to express yourself, keep up with the trends and add something extra to your daily look.

With more space to play with than shorter nails (which we equally love and have compiled our faves here), it’s time to pick your fave design for your next DIY session or nail appointment. Get scrolling…


Hello Barbie vibes, hello @allnailss._. If you can’t decide between French tip or full colour, just do both.


Putting a (super cute) twist on yin and yang is this teal set from @annabelles__aesthetic. We’re obsessed.


Think outside the box like @artdecom with this half French tip design, guaranteed to brighten up any dull day.


Autumn is sneaking up on us, and with this set from @beautyworksbyamy, we will happily let it. 


Tortoiseshell has had a makeover, and we’re obsessed. Thanks @beautyworksbyamy.


This set from @bethantaylorbeauty is giving us butterflies. We can’t get over the detail.


Feelin peachy? @bymizzblac is showing us how it’s done with this fruity set.


You’re going to want to screenshot this sparkly set from @dabhandnails


We’re suckers for a wavy abstract set, @daytime.studio you are ticking all our boxes


Add a subtle but super cute detail to your long nails like @daytime.studio. It’s serving valentines-day-everyday vibes and we’re here for it.


Hello 50 shades of pink, hello @maisies_manicures. BRB about to go and get all the pinks on our nails.


This boujee design from @manisbyannie is genius. Marble tips and gold is our new fave combo.


This wavy set from @naailsbyjenny is definitely not giving us the blues. We’re obsessed.


We are living for these gorgeous marble swirls from @naileditbyv_. Consider us inspired.


Who ever said French tips were boring was seriously disturbed. @nailmailbykhlo we love this neutral tip design.


@nails_and_soul is showing us how long nails are done with this dripping polka dot set. We are in love. 


We are loving this strawberry milkshake set from @nailsbycaroline_. Consider us inspired.


We think cow print is underrated, @nailsbycaroline_ has nailed this blue cow print design.


Tips have always been a go-to for long nails, why not switch it up with a retro wavy design like @nailsbylauryn. We’re copying ASAP.


We’re feelin starry eyed about this set from @nailsbyrebecca__. Use your long nail space wisely and fill it with stars, you won’t regret it.


Combining two of our faves, mint green and floral print is this stunning set from @nylove_nail. P.s. mint green is set to be the colour of AW 2021, so get on the trend early.


Double the length, double the glam. @polished_dtla is showing us how long nails are done.


We just love this retro funky flower set from @puttheminacoffin. Screenshotting right now.


We’re getting nothing but good vibes from this set from @ramua__


You can’t go wrong with a simple nude base with white detailing. Thanks for the inspo @sagebeautyyork.


If you want to channel 70’s flower power, then you’re in luck. @sassnailartistry you have nailed this set.


It’s time to pick n mix your fave designs. @sosweetnails_ you are living up to your name with this super cute set.


Abstract designs are still going strong, thank goodness. Thanks for the inspo @stephanieyianni_.


This white wavy set is timeless and suits long nails perfectly. @stephanieyianni_ we’re obsessed. 


Nude base + tortoiseshell + gold accents = the nails of our dreams. Congrats @thenaildesk_ , you’ve nailed it.