3 MUAs Share Their Favourite Ways To Wear Liquid Crystals

Oh hey, Liquid Crystals. This week we added six brand new liquid eyeshadows to our Living My Best Light collection, and we couldn’t wait to ask some of our fave MUAs what they thought. 

It’s safe to say the latest BEAUTY BAY launch was a total hit, and we’ve had nothing but positive vibes sent our way (obvs). 

Scroll to find out what the pros thought as they reveal their favourite ways to wear our latest creation. 

Isabelle Kate (@isabellekategm)

“My fave way to wear the Liquid Crystals shadows is blended out all over the lid for a super easy, super striking all over shimmer. The best thing is that you can use your finger or a brush for a no fuss glam! I love how they catch the light and make it look like you’ve tried so hard with your look, but can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals.” 

Georgia Cutts (@grgctts)

“I absolutely love Liquid Crystals. They’re really cost effective, great for beginners and so versatile. If I’m going out and want to create a full-on glitzy look, I’ll use a flat synthetic brush to apply, but if I’m just looking to make my day to day makeup a bit more fun, I’ll use a big fluffy brush for shimmery hint. They’re also perfect for adding a pop of sparkle to the inner corner. To be honest, you could even use your fingertips if you find yourself without a brush. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with the products and found that they can create a very intense and opaque finish or just a wash of shimmer, depending on the occasion.”

Kim (@kiimmiki)

“To create a sheer layer, I like to apply Liquid Crystals with my finger, but if I’m applying on top of a cut crease or something quite intense then I’ll use a flat brush or something smaller. I just love how universal this product is, you can use it on the eyes, skin, lips, face or body to create natural to intense looks. The formula isn’t too sticky and dries quickly, achieving a good glittery pay off. I’m keeping all of the Liquid Crystals in my kit so that I’ve got a quick fix product at hand whenever I go to a job.”