6 Reasons Why You Need Mario Badescu's Facial Sprays

If there was to be an award for most iconic BEAUTY BAY skincare product, it would have to go to Mario Badescu’s facial sprays – they’re a classic amongst MUAs and influencers alike and have over 1000 customer reviews between them. Says it all, right? BEAUTY BAY staff are pretty obsessed too (it’s pretty much a deskside staple at BEAUTY BAY HQ) and will admit to zipping through bottles of the stuff and spraying it on multiple times a day, with zero shame. Here’s why we’re so hooked. 

#1 For a hydration boost

It’s not quite a moisturiser, not quite a toner, but it’s a quick and easy way to add an extra step of hydration into your routine. Products absorb better when skin is damp, so spray on between layers of your skincare to increase the benefits of your hydrating serums and creams. 

#2 To prep skin for makeup

Makeup goes on better (and looks better and lasts longer) when skin is healthy and hydrated. Fact. Liberally mist skin before starting your makeup routine to soften your skin and create a smooth canvas for makeup application. 

#3 To dampen brushes or Beautyblenders

Instead of using water to dampen your Beautyblender, use the mist instead – think of it as adding an extra skincare benefit to your makeup. You can also use it to wet your eyeshadow brushes to get more pigment out of your palettes. 

#4 To finish makeup

Use as a final step after makeup application to give skin a fresh, dewy finish and lock the layers of your makeup in place. They’re essentially a more natural alternative to setting sprays (which can clog your pores). 

#5 For a midday refreshment

Hit the 3pm slump? Keep a bottle in your handbag or at your desk for a quick burst of cool refreshment – think of this as a the equivalent of an espresso shot for your skin. The subtle aromatherapy from the botanical ingredients is an instant mood boost. 

#6 To soothe irritated skin

The ingredients in the mists are high in antioxidants, which help to soothe and protect skin. What’s more, heavy-hitters like aloe vera, green tea, and cucumber act as anti-inflammatories to calm redness and soothe irritation. 

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