The Best Mario Badescu Sprays For Each Skin Type

We know what you’re thinking – face sprays are just fragranced water, right? Wrong. Hydrating face mists packed with vitamins and antioxidants work their magic by delivering ingredients to skin quickly and easily – making them a perfect way to treat your major skin concerns. But which to choose? If affordability, efficacy, and simplicity are your main objectives when shopping for a face mist, look no further than the beloved Mario Badescu facial sprays. Here’s how to choose one based on your skin type. 

Aloe, Herbs, And Rosewater

Best for: Dry/dehydrated skin 

Benefits: The aloe and rose combo tones, hydrates, and acts as a skin-softening agent to make sure skin looks and feels moisturised in the long- and the short-term, while the thyme (a powerful antioxidant) protects skin from bacteria and environmental aggressors. 

Top tip: Find that your skin dries out as the day progresses? Keep a bottle to hand at all times and mist on constantly to maintain hydration levels throughout the day and prevent makeup from looking cakey. 

Aloe, Chamomile, And Lavender

Best for: Dull skin 

Benefits: Stressed, tired-looking skin doesn’t stand a chance against this blend of skin-brightening chamomile and healing lavender, which invigorates tired-looking skin for a clearer, healthier appearance. 

Top tip: The lavender smell works as a mind-soothing component, so this is a great product to use before bed or when you’re feeling stressed. 

Aloe, Cucumber, And Green Tea

Best for: Breakout-prone skin 

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory cucumber soothes redness for blemishes that might be inflamed, working alongside aloe to replenish a damaged moisture barrier, and green tea to combat pore-clogging pollutants and skin-damaging free radicals. 

Top tip: Store your bottle in the fridge to boost its anti-inflammatory benefits – when you spritz it on you’ll (literally) feel as cool as a cucumber.