19 Minimal Manicure Ideas

When it comes to nails, you don’t have to go OTT to make a statement. A minimalist manicure is the type of manicure you can get away with anywhere, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a super detailed look. We’re declaring that minimal does not mean boring and we’ve got the proof right here.


Abstract and minimalism go hand in hand. This negative space set from @allnailss._ is so up our street.


Gold all over? A little too much. But a small accent is just the right amount of metallic for a minimalist nail art design. @anna.and.nails you understood the assignment.


We’re ditching the French tips in favour of a wavy alternative. It’s subtle but super sweet, @beautyhaven_byjodie, you’ve nailed it.


Cuffs are officially the new tips. Pick your favourite colour and get to work. @beautyworksbyamy, consider us inspired.


Say goodbye to bad vibes with this super-cute, super-tiny evil eye design from @bsbeautyx. We’re in love.


Perfect for the understated lovers, this set from @bsbeautyx is the definition of minimalism.


We are living for these khaki negative space nails from @gelsbybry. It’s subtle but never compromising on style.


Match your jewellery to your manicure with a hint of gold. @gelsbybry is showing us how it’s done.


Introducing the queen of minimalism. Add a fun pop of colour to your mani like @harrietwestmoreland for an understated but super chic look.


Next time you paint your nails with a simple sheer polish and decide it’s not enough, add a little heart. @harrietwestmoreland we’re obsessed.


You can never go wrong with a sheer baby pink. @harrietwestmoreland we’re obsessed.


Can’t settle on one colour? @harrietwestmoreland has got you covered with this colourful tip design. Screenshot it ASAP.


We’re feelin’ festive thanks to @jessicaleenails. Not only is the application a dream, this set is the perfect subtle nod to Christmas.


Want to add a hint of gold without going OTT? @lkbeauty_9 is showing us how it’s done.


Clean, nude base? Check. Mini motifs? Check. @naileditbyliv understood the assignment with this minimalist stars mani.


Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this set from @nailedbyliv is impossible not to love.


This set from @polishedbylolo is the textbook definition of minimal. Try it for yourself and we guarantee you’ll be obsessed.


White and baby pink is a combo that is never going out of style. @sagebeautyyork, we love this set.


Why have French tips when you can have cuffs? We just love this set and colour choice from @wearemimi.