34 Minimal Manicure Ideas

When it comes to nails, you don’t have to go OTT to make a statement. A minimalist manicure is the type of manicure you can get away with for any occasion, vibe, or mood, and is perfect for those who believe that less is more.

Small, intricate details, clean, sheer bases and often no longer than our own natural nails, we’re declaring that minimal does not mean boring and we’ve got the proof right here.

Scroll to discover 34 minimal nail designs, that you’re going to love.


Upgrade your sheer pink base with some mini white hearts at your next appointment, you won’t regret it. Thanks for the inspo @saskiafenwick.


Minimal nails don’t get any better than this… Pastel polka dots are going straight at the top of our wish list thanks to @charlotte_nailartist.


If you’re into the clean girl vibe, this fresh mani from @nailsdonewright is going to be right up your street.


Switch out your regular French tips and go pastel. This skinny French tip is a minimal-lovers heaven! Props to you @byleah.x.


You all know we love the glazed donut nail trend, but have you ever thought about just doing it on the tips? @byariadne_ is providing all the inspo with this one.


Dark and chic, @gel.bymegan understood the assignment with this one. 


If you want to play with chrome like the rest of us, but still want to keep it on the down low, this mani from @samantharudge.beauty is for you. We are beyond obsessed.


If you’re looking for something cute and small to add to your next mani then stop your search, @cute_icles.nikki has just the idea for you.


You can never go wrong with a French tip, it’s the queen of minimal designs. @corrinnabianca is showing us exactly how it’s done.


These metallic shorties from @emilygilmour.nails are a big yes from us. Obsessed!


You can always keep things minimal, even when using bright colours. @__nailsbylucy__ is providing the evidence with this peach and baby blue line mani.


We’re always down for a French tip, but this skinny black French design from @laurenmhaynails is simply a must.


Bored of regular French tips but still want to keep your mani on the minimal side? Look no further than this design from @missmelimel29.


This pink, chrome, abstract design from @ecstaticnailsalon is a minimal-lovers dream. It’s just enough without being OTT.


This geometric, abstract French tip from @ecstaticnailsalon is a big yes from us. Obsessed!


Abstract and minimalism go hand in hand. This negative space set from @allnailss._ is so up our street.


Gold all over? A little too much. But a small accent is just the right amount of metallic for a minimalist nail art design. @anna.and.nails you understood the assignment.


We’re ditching the French tips in favour of a wavy alternative. It’s subtle but super sweet, @beautyhaven_byjodie, you’ve nailed it.


Cuffs are officially the new tips. Pick your favourite colour and get to work. @beautyworksbyamy, consider us inspired.


Say goodbye to bad vibes with this super-cute, super-tiny evil eye design from @bsbeautyx. We’re in love.


Perfect for the understated lovers, this set from @bsbeautyx is the definition of minimalism.


We are living for these khaki negative space nails from @gelsbybry. It’s subtle but never compromising on style.


Match your jewellery to your manicure with a hint of gold. @gelsbybry is showing us how it’s done.


Introducing the queen of minimalism. Add a fun pop of colour to your mani like @harrietwestmoreland for an understated but super chic look.


Next time you paint your nails with a simple sheer polish and decide it’s not enough, add a little heart. @harrietwestmoreland we’re obsessed.


You can never go wrong with a sheer baby pink. @harrietwestmoreland we’re obsessed.


Can’t settle on one colour? @harrietwestmoreland has got you covered with this colourful tip design. Screenshot it ASAP.


We’re feelin’ festive thanks to @jessicaleenails. Not only is the application a dream, this set is the perfect subtle nod to Christmas.


Want to add a hint of gold without going OTT? @lkbeauty_9 is showing us how it’s done.


Clean, nude base? Check. Mini motifs? Check. @naileditbyliv understood the assignment with this minimalist stars mani.


Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this set from @nailedbyliv is impossible not to love.


This set from @polishedbylolo is the textbook definition of minimal. Try it for yourself and we guarantee you’ll be obsessed.


White and baby pink is a combo that is never going out of style. @sagebeautyyork, we love this set.


Why have French tips when you can have cuffs? We just love this set and colour choice from @wearemimi.


FYI: This article was previously published at an earlier date and has since been updated.