Beat the Winter Blues With These Mood-Boosting Beauty Products

Cold weather, grey skies, and dark mornings got you down? If you’re experiencing a mild case of the January blues, these mood-boosting beauty products will help to lift your spirits.  


The combination of English lavender, jasmine, and sweet basil in this candle creates a dreamy scent that will instantly spark your fragrance memory and remind you of longer, warmer, sunnier days. Light it while you’re taking a bath or doing your skincare routine to get the good vibes going. 

Oh K! Chok Chok Sheet Mask

When your skin needs a quick perk up, a sheet mask is the perfect product. This multitasker is soaked in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – the ideal blend of treating skin that is looking a little lacklustre after a long winter of cold weather and central heating (both of which wreak havoc on skin). 

Kitsch Healing Crystal

You may not believe in the power of crystal healing, but if you do, keep this amethyst wand on-hand to ward away the bad vibes. If you struggle to properly put your mind to rest, it’s perfect for inspiring a meditative state and allowing your headspace to remain clear and centred. 

Beyou CBD Drops

With a recent study showing that CBD seems to reduce nervousness in cases of social anxiety, it’s not hard to see why 60 percent of CBD users take the supplement to relieve anxiety. What’s more, it has a known side-effect of drowsiness, so is perfect for taking before bed if you have trouble sleeping. These high-quality drops work fast – especially if you drop them under the tongue. 

Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm

All the stress and anxiety that comes from returning to your 9-5 can be eased by inhaling this essential oil blend – and it’s small enough to keep in your desk drawer or handbag for self-care on-the-go. Patchouli, eucalyptus, ho wood, and lemon will quickly help to calm and refresh your mind. 


Winter weather is the perfect excuse to take a long, hot bath, and after ‘one of those days’, why not make it an extra beneficial one? These bath salts are blended with detoxifying charcoal, so they’ll help to eliminate excess water and toxins, and relieve that sluggish, bloated feeling.