7 Gamechanging Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Got oily skin? Enlarged pores and a shiny T-zone don’t have to get in the way of good makeup if you prep and prime your skin, and protect your makeup in the right way. We know that oily skin can be one of the most frustrating skin types to deal with (here’s some skincare tips for oily skin), especially when it comes to ensuring your makeup applies well and lasts throughout the day, so we compiled our top tips and product recommendations. 

From choosing the right moisturiser to layering your makeup correctly, scroll down to read our advice for oily skin makeup application. 

Moisturise skin

Any makeup artist will tell you that the secret to achieving perfect makeup is to focus on skincare. The clearer, calmer, brighter, and smoother your skin is naturally, the less work you’ll have to do with your makeup. Ensure your skin is well-cleansed, then apply your serums, moisturiser, and SPF. Even if your skin is oily, it’s important not to skip the essential step of moisturising. If your skin is hydrated, it’s less likely to feel the need to produce its own moisture (excess oil). Use a light, gel-cream textured moisturiser like Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Squalane + Ginseng Gel Moisturiser to hydrate skin without it looking greasy. 

Don't forget primer

Primer helps to smooth and even skin, blurring the appearance of pores and blemishes, and building a protective layer between your skin and your makeup. This invisible helps to prevent oil that your skin produces from disturbing your makeup, so your makeup adheres better and lasts longer. For a double defense against oily skin, start by targeting your oily areas with the By BEAUTY BAY Matte Blur Priming Stick, then spritz the By BEAUTY BAY First Prime Oil Controlling Mist all over. 

Apply makeup in light layers

You might think that applying your concealer and foundation in thick layers is the best way to keep oiliness at bay, but actually the opposite is true. Thick layers of makeup make skin look cakey and unnatural and are less likely to last as long on your skin. Instead, apply makeup in thin, sheer layers, using a damp By BEAUTY BAY Makeup Sponge in gentle blotting motions to press the products into your skin rather than wiping them across it. 

Use mattifying formulas

It goes without saying that mattifying makeup will be your best friend if you’re an oily-skinned gal/guy. From foundations to setting powders, these formulas are specifically made without oil and usually contain ingredients designed to counteract and absorb excess oil. 

Choose powders over creams

Due to their texture, cream and liquid formulations are more likely to be impacted by oily skin than powder ones are. If you have oily skin you may want to use powder blusher, highlighter, and bronzer instead as they will typically adhere better and last longer. However if you do prefer to use creams and liquids, then ensure you set them with a loose powder to give them longevity. 

Use an eye base

Our eyelids are typically one of the drier areas of our face, however if you have especially oily skin, you may notice that excess oil disturbs your eye makeup too. Just as you’d prime the rest of your face before applying makeup, use a separate eye primer like the By BEAUTY BAY Eye Base to help your eyeshadow to stick and stay in place. 

Finish with a setting spray

If your mission is to mattify, ensure you finish with a setting spray (like the By BEAUTY BAY Set It Don’t Regret It Mattifying Mist), and keep it on you at all times for touch-ups if you notice shine throughout the day. Setting sprays work by forming a light, invisible film over your makeup which helps to lock everything together and prolong the life of your makeup. For extra protection, apply setting spray between each layer of your makeup.