9 Ways To Wear The Sample Beauty Plush Palette 

When it comes to creating decadent looks, there is no better palette to turn to than Sample Beauty’s Plush Palette. Packed with the boujiest shades you could ever ask for, the 24-shade eyeshadow palette is all about creating luxury looks that would give the royals a run for their money. 

But there is nothing like a good old inspiration round up to get your brushes warmed up and your creativity going. Keep scrolling for nine ways to wear the very regal Plush Palette


There will never be a day when a look this classic will become dull. Taking the softest pink shades from The Plush Palette and pairing them with a timeless gold (Antique is THAT timeless gold), @shantaniabeckford has created a look that will always look great whether you’re wearing it by day or by night.


Remember when we said this was the boujiest palette you could ever buy? @dadollitaz has taken our point and really ran with it with this opulent look. She has also made a very strong case for wearing contrasting shades on each lid. When a palette is this fancy, you have to make the most of it.


Jewel tones will never lose their impact as @enzi_rengel has so expertly shown. The blend between the shades is so flawless it’s almost rainbow like, while the choice of rich, contrasting shades is exactly why we had to include this look in the round up.


This look has all the summer night out vibes and we’re here for it. The warm sunset hued shades paired with the lavish blue tones gives us all the feels of getting dressed up for warm summer nights with friends, so big thanks to @ismisejoey for making summer feel real again!


We can always count on @kanehayz for creating a look that we can only dream of mastering ourselves. This look is the kind of look that is created when you commit to using every shade a palette has to offer and we admire that kind of dedication. But let’s just take a moment and appreciate that blend…


Anyone who knows BEAUTY BAY knows that we are big fans of a fiery-toned look, which is how we know @laubeauty__ knows us very well. Proving the versatility of The Plush Palette, this look has taken all the warm tones and made them look like the ultimate sultry shades. Hats off to @laubeauty__.


We love a pairing of blue and gold, especially when there are shimmers involved. By proving that even the boijiest of palettes can be paired back to create subtle yet high impact looks, @makeup_by_aarongill is schooling us in finding the perfect balance between extravagance and elegance.


There are so many parts to @makeuppby_nana’s look, we don’t know which part to love the most. Firstly, we need all those reptile-greens in our haul ASAP! Second, we think the intricacy of this look needs some kind of applause because that is skill at it’s finest. And thirdly, that deep green wing is perfection.


Does this look not just remind you of sweets and candy? @issirose.makeup has taken the bold Plush Palette and created a look that feels as soft as candyfloss. The lesson here? Even the most daring palettes have a softer side, you just have to blend for it.