We’re Obsessed With This Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Name a better feeling than taking your makeup off at the end of the day and following up with your favourite skincare? As a self-proclaimed lazy girl I want my makeup removal process to be as fuss-free and gentle as possible, the answer to that? A cleansing balm.

After a long day at the office, the thought of removing my makeup with my usual method of micellar water and cotton pads made my skin crawl. Disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong with this, however peronally, I find it just a bit too drying for my skin, especially in winter! Having to scrub away at my eyes and occasionally losing some eyelashes in the process was beauty torture – I found myself being tempted to skip out on my skincare routine due to this (god FORBID). so I was on the hunt for something more gentle, hydrating, and simple.

My new obsession is the Skin Proud Face Melt Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Balm. This little babe does exactly what it says on the tin, a hydrating balm-to-oil cleanser that removes the most stubborn traces of makeup (I’m looking at you waterproof mascara) and even SPF on those no-makeup days.

I find a lot of cleansing balms can be either quite stripping or too oily and leave a tacky residue on my face, however the Skin Proud one is the perfect medium. It’s super light and melts into an oil-like consistency in seconds, a little bit goes a long way and a pea sized amount is all you need to wipe the day away! I work it into my face, paying special attention to those stubborn areas such as my eyebrows and eyes, which I’m usually extremely cautious of as most cleansing balms irritate my eyes. However this one is so gentle I have nothing to worry about! I then simply remove the residue with a warm cleansing pad and the job is done – the whole process takes less than a minute, *chefs kiss*.

The balm is infused with hyaluronic acid and argan oil so my face feels super nourished, hydrated, and most importantly clean immediately after washing. It’s super gentle but hardworking – a perfect combo in my opinion. It sets up the perfect canvas for my evening skincare routine too as there isn’t any residue leftover that will prevent my serums or moisturisers from absorbing into my skin. What a dream.

As a result, I now look forward to coming home and taking my makeup off as the Skin Proud Cleansing Balm makes the process just so easy and enjoyable! With a price point of £9.95 for 70g, you literally can’t argue with it! Thanks to its gentle formula I believe this product can be used by anyone with any skin concern or skin type. It’s safe to say I’ll be raving about this for a long time and recommending it to absolutely everybody I know – can’t wait to give the rest of the Skin Proud range a whirl!

– By Rochelle Grantmyre, Senior Social Media Executive