Skin Positivity Campaigner, @sophirelee, Talks International Women’s Day

March is Women’s History Month, or as we like to call it here at BEAUTY BAY, the month of calling out your hype women and supporting the women around you, no matter what. This is the month to feel empowered, inspired, and be the hype woman you wish you had. It’s all about being a cheerleader for your girl gang and embracing all women. 

To celebrate this iconic month, we’ve been chatting to inspirational women, from brand founders to activists, about what International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month means to them, how they use beauty to empower, and their biggest inspirations. 

Read below for our interview with Skin Positivity Campaigner, @sophirelee

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is a feeling. It’s more than just an aesthetic, some days I feel my most beautiful when I’m natural and just proud of the skin I’m in.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the beauty industry?

Some of my friends such as Holly Boon and Mmmmitchell inspire me so much joy just creatively but through their work ethic, they’re so driven and focused it’s amazing. Some celebrity influences would be Rihanna and Nikita Dragun, they both represent such a strong message of inclusion and I love how they’re unapologetically themselves. 

What beauty product makes you feel the most empowered?

I love a good moisturiser, I think a moisturiser just really brings your skin to life and hydrated your face with a glow, I love it!

When do you feel the most empowered?

I feel the most empowered when I am able to help people with their journeys and knowing that sharing my own story has helped someone too through theirs. That’s the most rewarding feeling in life.

How do you think the beauty industry can grow to empower all women?

I think the beauty industry is already growing and improving at such a rapid rate, it’s incredible how inclusive all brands are becoming. From the shade ranges to the campaigns including all women including trans women to be representatives of brands, I love to see it!

What is the best piece of advice given to you by another woman?

‘The sun will always shine after every storm’. 

During my time in hospital, I made friends with a lady across from me called May who was recovering from multiple cancer operations. I would move my table next her bed and have every meal next to her and talk to her, she gave me a lot of advice and hope. She was always so positive; I’ll never forget her energy.

What is the best piece of advice you could give another woman?

Beauty is only skin deep, and fear comes from your mind. Strength comes from your heart – you can get through anything.

How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day?

By letting the women around me know how much I appreciate them and how much they have a strong impact on my life.

Who is your hype woman?

My friendship circle of women is so supportive of one another, I love it! It’s so important to have friends that love you and want to see you succeed.