5 Fixes For Removing Fake Tan

Whether clearing up patchy remnants on day five or fixing a tanning job gone wrong, removing fake tan can be just as tricky as applying it. 

We all know that the struggle is real, but fear not – here are five failsafe solutions to getting fake tan off, fast. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Luxe Body Resurfacing Cloths

A textured wipe soaked in a potent glycolic acid formula makes for a winning combination for removing fake tan (as well as dry patches and dead skin cells). But the best thing about these supersize cloths is that you can reach every nook and cranny of your body – ensuring that every last drop of fake tan is removed in one fell swoop. 

Isle Of Paradise Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser

Missed spots, tan lines, and streaky spots can be enough to make you want to remove your entire tan and start from scratch, but this handy tool will help to fix your mistakes in seconds – no removal required. Glide the stick over uneven or uncovered areas to match them to the rest of your tan- it’s quick, easy, and totally fuss-free. 

Up Circle Coffee Body Scrub With Peppermint

Going old-school with a physical scrub is a foolproof solution, but to boost the exfoliation process to the max, make sure that the scrub has oil in it – since the oil will further help to breakdown your tan. To speed up the process even more, take a hot bath beforehand and use exfoliating gloves to apply the scrub (and save your hands!). 

Face Halo Body

Ideal if you’re travelling or need to remove tan without stepping in a shower (although it can also be used wet), work this exfoliating mitt in circular motions over your body to fade colour. Thanks to its ultra-fine polishing fibres, it reaches deep into pores to strip away all remnants of tan. 

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

It’s unconventional, but if you find yourself without any of the above solutions, did you know that your glycolic acid toner will work as well at removing fake tan as it does at fading your acne scars? All you need to do is soak some cotton pads in the solution and wipe over the areas that need it to lift stubborn brown patches.