First Impressions: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

There is no denying, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara is an iconic beauty product. The holy grail of mascaras, Better Than Sex always ranks as one of the best mascaras of all time and its bestselling status is testament to that. The revolutionary collagen-infused formula doesn’t only give the lashes a serious boost of pigment, volume, thickness, and length, but gives them nourishing support that lasts long after your eye looks have finished. 

To find out if this mascara really is, well, better than sex, five BEAUTY BAY staff gave their lashes to this very vital research, and we know you’re going to be wowed by the results. 


‘I tried the mascara for the first time and I absolutely love it! I love how easily it lifts the lashes and makes them longer without having to use too much product. Normally with mascara I find with added coats it becomes lumpy and thick, whereas Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara doesn’t have that effect on my lashes. My lashes were fuller looking, longer, and with a more even curl. I have naturally long eyelashes, which have a slight natural curl, but this mascara gives them a natural looking long and even finish which I love. I will definitely purchase the mascara again.’


‘My lashes are quite full without mascara, but it isn’t very visible as they have no lift in them at all and aren’t super coloured. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara answered all of my problems. It made them stand out and lifted them. I love the black intensity of the product and that it isn’t bitty whatsoever. I didn’t use an eyelash curler before or after as I wanted to really experience the lift the mascara gave and wow… I literally felt like I have false lashes on. LOVE IT. It is definitely the best mascara I’ve used. I also loved that it doesn’t print under your lower lashes and any smudges you make when applying come off so easily and don’t ruin your eyeshadow.’


‘I strongly believe that you can always judge a mascara by its brush shape, so I knew this was ging to be a winner as soon as I opened it – the thicker and fluffier the better. The hourglass shaped head has a combination of long and short bristles which ensure you grab every lash with each swipe – perfect for defining even short and wispy lashes with lift, volume, and length. The result is super dramatic – two coats and your eye area looks instantly opened. Even over Zoom I’ve been getting compliments when wearing this.’


‘I’ve always wanted to try this mascara, as over the years it has become quite a fan favourite. The packaging is cute, and I love how it makes my lashes extra dark, which really brings out my eyes. The brush is thicker than what I’ve used before, but application is actually really smooth and made my lashes look nice and voluminous. My lashes are a fairly decent length naturally, however, I feel that they are quite straight. This mascara definitely gave them a noticeable lift and curl. From first application I could see a difference, but to create a more striking, dramatic effect I found that this could be done with only 2-3 more applications. It also made my lower lashes pop more with only one application as the brush picks up product well. Also, I wore it all day and was smudge-free which is always a plus! If you’re looking for thick, voluminous lashes then this mascara will definitely give you just that.’


‘I am a mascara obsessive. Name any formula and I’ve probably got a dissertation-worthy review to share. With all said, I have to say Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara undoubtably sits in the God Tier of mascaras. If there was a higher tier, it would easily be promoted to that. I’m a big fan of full, thick, black lashes. I like my lashes to be able to hold their own against my makeup, and with the Better Than Sex Mascara, my lashes dominated my whole look. The brush is a genius at lengthening the lashes without leaving stubborn clumps that you have to pick away later. BUT, if you are prone to picking mascara, the Better Than Sex Mascara has a ‘re-wetting’ formula so you can reapply over and over again without worrying about clumping and flaking. Told you, God Tier.’