The Trending Ingredients To Know About In Skincare By BEAUTY BAY

Whether you’re a skincare buff or natural novice, Skincare by BEAUTY BAY is inspired, developed, and tested by our team of chemists and skincare obsessives. So whether you know your hyaluronic from your hydroxyl acids, or you’re more of a one-serum-fits-all kinda person… we’ve got the lowdown on the seven trending ingredients you need to know about, and hey! they’re all found in BEAUTY BAY skincare. Welcome to skin school…


No one really knows how to pronounce it but bakuchiol has been gaining popularity amongst the skincare savvy for a while now. Why? Because it’s a natural, gentle alternative to retinol – aka one of skincare’s elite ingredients. Extracted from the leaves and seeds of the babchi plant, bakuchiol helps heal, calm, and soothe the skin, as well as dramatically reduce wrinkles, boost hydration levels and reduce the appearance of large pores. Overall, it’s an ingredient that can generally be tolerated by all… and leaves the skin looking plump, hydrated and youthful. 

Find bakuchiol in: SkinHit Clarifying Serum


You might be well acquainted with your BHAs and AHAs, but we’re all about PHAs right now. Poly-hydroxy acids are the lesser-known cousin of the burlier skincare acids, providing chemical exfoliation without the sting. How do they work? PHAs have a larger molecule size than AHAs and BHAs, meaning they don’t penetrate as deeply into the layers of the skin. They’re still brilliant at sloughing off dead skin cells (plus they act as a humectant, meaning they’re hydrating too) but they won’t cause irritation or sensitivity. 

Find PHAs in: Kaolin Clay + PHA Face Mask


Whilst we’re not talking about gut-friendly yoghurts here, the thinking is pretty much the same. Prebiotics are, generally speaking, ‘food’ for the good bacteria in your gut. But how does this relate to skincare? Well there’s a microflora that lives on your skin that needs to be nourished too. Prebiotics in skincare help to balance your complexion – supporting the skin’s natural barrier, soothing inflammation and generally keep your skin in a tip-top, happy and healthy state. 

Find prebiotics in: Prebiotic +  Avocado Oil Cleansing Gel


We all know that when it comes to skincare, Korean skincare is where it’s at. And what’s one of the most hailed ingredients that has come over from K-Beauty? Well Ginseng of course. The common root (that’s often consumed in traditional Asian medicine) is great for strengthening the body’s immune system and increasing circulation. In terms of skincare, ginseng is an ingredient that benefits everyone. It helps boost collagen production, leaving your skin looking firmer and plump. It’s energizing factors help to brighten dullness whilst anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and irritation. It’s no real wonder we nabbed ginseng from K-Beauty then. 

Find ginseng in: Squalane + Ginseng Gel Moisturiser 


Copper might not scream ‘skin saviour’ to you, but trust us when we say that this ‘meh’ mineral is actually something of a skincare hero. Copper peptides are naturally found in skin tissue, and work to help keep our skin plump and youthful looking. Adding copper peptides to skincare helps to boost depleting levels of collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that, but copper acts as an antioxidant, helping to reduce inflammation, zapping excess oil and minimising breakouts. What a winner. 

Find copper in: SkinHit Soothing Serum


Sure it might not be the sexiest of skincare ingredients, but trust us when we say oats really work. How? The simple grain works wonders at soaking up excess oil, sebum, grime and pollution on the skin surface, helping to treat blemishes without drying or irritating the skin. Plus, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in oats help to soothe skin, whilst the oils, starch and sugar found in oats act like a humectant to skin – providing serious hydration. 

Find oats in: Colloidal Oatmeal + Oat Lipid Rich Moisturiser and Chamomile + Oat Lipid Cleansing Balm