A 10-Step Vegan Skincare Routine For Veganuary 2022

Contrary to popular belief, Veganuary is not just about eating a plant based diet. Creating a totally new all-vegan skincare routine for this month and beyond has never been easier and will certainly give you a few extra Veganuary credits. If you’re ready to kick off Veganuary 2022 with a whole new skin-care routine, then keep on reading.


The first step in your vegan skincare routine is here. The Butter Cup Cleansing Balm with Oat Lipid and Chamomile from the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY range is a rich cleansing balm designed to deeply cleanse the skin and melt away stubborn makeup to leave the skin feeling clean and comfortable. 


If you’re looking for a vegan natural exfoliator to add into your skincare routine, look no further than the Upcircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub in Citrus Blend. Made with repurposed Arabica coffee grounds from London cafes, shea butter plus sweet orange, lemon verbena and rosehip, this exfoliator buffs away dead skin cells for a soft, smooth and glowy finish.


This Veganuary, try adding Glow Hub’s Calm & Soothe Toner Essence to your haul to comfort, hydrated, and soothe skin that needs a chill. Made with a calming blend of balancing jojoba extract and omega rich hemp seed oil, plus willow bark to tackle excess oil and aloe vera to soften, this deserves a spot in your new routine. 


Here to change the skincare game, Veganuary or not, the Bio-Cellulose Face Mask from MIJ Masks deserves a spot in your mask stash. Made with bio-cellulose, a carbon positive fibre that’s produced from the natural fermentation of coconut water, making it rich in essential amino acids, this mask easily covers the skin’s tiniest lines and wrinkles for maximum performance and absorption. 


Get your greens in one way or another with the I Dew Care Juicy Kitten Purifying Power Green Serum. This supercharged face serum helps to soothe and purify blemish prone complexions thanks to its blend of power greens: kale, spirulina, and chlorella, which are each rich in nutrients and antioxidants. 

Eye cream

Look after your delicate under eyes this month (and beyond) with the Skin Proud Bright Eye Pomegranate Eye Cream. Designed to brighten and moisturise the skin under your eyes is this super gentle gel-like eye cream, that soaks into the skin for a radiant and nourished feel. 


The perfect daily moisturiser for the month is right here. florence by mills’ Dreamy Dew Moisturiser features a featherlight, silky formula to hydrate and nourish the complexion for that fresh, dewy glow. 

Spf (daytime)

If we could give one piece of skincare advice, it would be to never skip SPF. Veganuary is no exception, so meet the Day-Lite SPF 50+ from Carbon Theory. Delivering a non-greasy, super-lightweight formula with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection to hydrate and protect the skin, this SPF deserves a spot in your vegan skincare haul.

Oil (nighttime)

Wake up with glowing skin thanks to the Aurelia London Cell Repair Night Oil. This lightweight, super hydrating oil absorbs into the skin to regenerate and repair the complexion whilst you sleep, and did we mention it’s vegan?

spot stickers

Designed to draw out impurities from spots whilst shielding them from external factors are Dot-A-Spot Blemish Stickers. A favourite here at BEAUTY BAY HQ, these no fuss spot healers are our secret weapon to clean and clear skin.