What Is Cica?

Not a week passes that another skincare ingredient buzzword starts to trend, but one we’re hearing a lot about recently is cica. While it’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries, thanks to the K-beauty movement, people have been catching on to its multiple skincare benefits. 

Keep on reading to learn all about cica and how you can add it to your routine. 

What is cica?

Derived from a plant found in tropical areas of Asia and Southern Africa, cica is scientifically known as centella asiatica and is sometimes called ‘tiger grass’ (in Asia, tigers rub their wounds on the plant to help their skin heal). 

How does it work?

Cica is packed full of amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, and C. These work together to stimulate collagen production, strengthen skin’s defense against bacteria, improve hydration, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.  

Why should I use it?

Cica calms inflammation, redness, and irritation, and is able to trigger the repair and healing process of cuts and burns. It’s a beneficial ingredient if you’re looking to soothe, repair, or strengthen your skin, combat breakouts, or decrease your skin’s sensitivity. 

There are also claims that cica can help to prevent the appearance of the early signs of aging (loose skin and wrinkles) by protecting it from pollution, and if dryness and dullness are your skincare concerns, cica is here for those too. It boosts circulation and blood flow to the skin, which in turn increases hydration in the top layer of skin, preventing moisture loss and boosting cellular repair so skin appears brighter. 

When should I use it?

You’ll notice cica pops up in everything from cleansers to masks, but it performs best when used in products that are left on the skin, like serums and moisturisers. Since it’s ideal for sensitive skin, it’s gentle enough to use daily, day and/or night. 

For days when your skin feels too itchy and irritated to even wash it, this foaming but non-drying cleanser will get your skin glowing without any added redness. Plus, as well as delivering powerful anti-inflammatory properties as the first step in your routine, it’s an incredibly efficient makeup remover. 

For an end-of-day refresher if you have sensitive skin, this cooling toner will provide instant relief and hydrate your skin while calming it. It’ll reverse any damage caused by redness and dryness, and with continuous use, you’ll notice your skin will be smoother, brighter, and clearer. 

Not only does this silky serum quell redness and irritation, but also serves as a fast-acting solution against cystic acne flare-ups. Press the lightweight, gel formula onto clean skin to simultaneously calm and treat breakouts without worrying about triggering more.