14 Y2K Nail Ideas

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2000’s are back, and they’re better than ever. We’re talking the days of Juicy Couture, Lizzie Maguire, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and the Powerpuff Girls to name a few. As much as we’d love to go back to wearing full velour tracksuits and carrying flip phones- we don’t have a time machine. Luckily we’ve got the next best thing, a bunch of nail designs to channel our inner Y2K

Whether your attempting a DIY job (we’ve got the tutorial for that) or screenshotting for your nail tech, scroll to find our faves that we found on Instagram, that we know you’re gonna love.


We can’t talk Y2K and not mention Juicy Couture. Serving serious Paris and Nicole vibes is @faithjamesnails. The bling and iconic Juicy logo is on point. 


We are living for these playboy inspired nails by @dr.melnda. The iconic bunny, soft colours and contrasting black detail are giving us allll the nostalgia.


@nailsbyfrikiki is showing us just how to nail the Y2K trend with these Powerpuff Girl cuties. This design makes us long for our childhood.


Giving us main character energy is @nailedbytav and this Bratz inspired set. Channel your passion for fashion and save these RN.


Tips have had a Y2K makeover, congrats @paintedby.lucy, we’re obsessed.


@nailsxselena_ is giving us 1999 nostalgia (the year Beauty Bay was born) with this pink and white set. If you are into long nails then screenshot these asap.


Playboy? Check. Hello Kitty? Check. Butterflies? Check. Is there anything @anouskaanastasia can’t do? If you look up Y2K in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure this will pop up. 


Butterfly’s are officially back on the map. Follow @rsbnails lead with this playful set, add a butterfly clip to your hair and voila, you’re Y2K ready.  


If you can’t decide on one design, just get them all. We love this groovy combo from @nailsbydemm.


We’re certain this design would not be found in the burn book. @nails_by_3llie, that is so fetch. classic


Anything with a bandana screams Y2K, so if you want to go for the nostalgic look, go for a design like this. @thenailshop.sb has (literally) nailed it.


We are just obsessed with this Lizzie McGuire set from @clo.nailsxbeauty. In the iconic words of the Y2K queen herself, this is what dreams are made of.


We love this super-sweet smiley face accent design by @chloe_makeoverroom. Consider us inspired.


Let us introduce this super groovy lilac set from @jennyboylan_nailartist. Take your simple look to the next level by adding this heart design.