We Caught Up With Youthforia’s Founder, Fiona Co Chan

Youthforia is the latest brand on our beauty block and we’re here to tell you that you need them in your haul. Creating universal makeup that’s big on having fun, Youthforia’s products are fun, clean, and sustainable – it’s so good that it’s safe enough to sleep in.

To find out more about the products and what Youthforia is about, we caught up with the founder, Fiona Co Chan and asked the all important questions.

Why did you decide to set up a beauty brand?

I started Youthforia because I wanted makeup that you can sleep in. I started right when the pandemic hit, and I think it was the inability to see people that made me realize that the best part of makeup is going out with friends – my makeup ritual is very much grounded in the excitement and anticipation of having a fun night out with friends. And I’m someone who, if I’m out late with my friends, I’ll just fall asleep in my makeup and this used to send me to the hospital (a few times) with allergic reactions to makeup. So it was really important for me to test all of our products by sleeping in it for an extended period of time. For BYO Blush, I slept in it (and made my husband too) for 2 months and got better skin.


How does the BYO Blush work to give everyone a unique colour?

BYO Blush reacts to your skin’s pH, temperature, and moisture level to give you a uniquely flushed color. Everyone will get a slightly different colour but will be neutral enough to be the perfect shade of blush. Because it’s an oil, it gives a natural highlighter effect. It works on all skin tones and skin types including sensitive, acne-prone, and dry skin.


Any tips for application?

The great thing about BYO Blush compared to other blushes is that you can wear it on a bare face as well as on top of foundation.

If you wear it on a bare face, you can apply two dots on clean skin, wait for the color to change and then blend with the Blush Brush. Apply more for buildable color. You can apply BYO Blush after sunscreen.

If you’re applying it over foundation, let the foundation dry. Then use the applicator to apply BYO Blush directly to the bristles of a clean brush and then use the brush to apply directly on face. This helps keep the applicator clean so that your foundation doesn’t get back into the bottle. If you use powder, you can finish with powder on top after BYO Blush has dried.

I love using the Youthforia Blush Brush for applicator because the synthetic bristles are densely packed which gives you more control when building your blush look, and the bristles are soft enough for sensitive skin.

If you plan on using BYO Blush on your lips, use the applicator to apply product to a lip brush or use a disposable wand. The idea is that you don’t want to get saliva on the applicator tip because it can change the color of the product. If that happens, it’s totally safe to use but just something to be aware of. Our customers really love Dewy Gloss #01 Sound Stage for a very similar color effect. 

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