6 Aftercare Tips For A Perfect Manicure

Believe it or not, the key to a long-lasting, perfect manicure is how you look after them. Whether you’re into gels, acrylics or just regular polish, we should see our nails as jewels not tools, and look after them post application, all the same. We’ve rounded up our best tips and tricks on the best aftercare tips for that salon-approved manicure, that will help you ace your next nail look.

Jewels not tools

A little motto we like to live by. With all nail enhancements, it’s crucial that you be careful not to knock your nails or do things that could cause them to tear off. We’re talking opening cans, picking things or even car door handles. Unfortunately for the people around you, they are going to have to open your drinks for you, for the foreseeable future.

Avoid hot water

We never thought we would recommend this but it’s important to avoid any hot baths (or hot tubs if you’re boujie like that) for the first 48 hours, as wet heat can weaken the manicure and make the nails lift. Water getting under the nail can cause bacteria to grow, so this step is crucial. Don’t stress, after a couple of days you can indulge in a bubble bath. 

Gloves please!

Always wear gloves for activities like cleaning and gardening work. Strong chemicals in cleaning products, like bleach can discolour and damage the nails, the same goes for digging up the garden. Press pause on your green thumb and Mrs Hinch vibe and always wear protective gloves.

Cuticle Oil

Using a cuticle oil daily has been proven to lengthen the time of a manicure. It moisturises your nails and nail beds and will encourage healthy nail growth. We can’t recommend Essie’s Nail Care Cuticle Apricot Oil Treatment enough.

No Picking

It seems like a no brainer but don’t pick off your gels, polish or acrylics. It not only peels away all your hard work, but the top layer of your nail too. This damages it, weakening the nails, making them more prone to rough textures and white patches. It also makes them more prone to cracking and breaking, which nobody wants. Only use the proper tools to remove, we’ve got an easy tutorial on how to remove gels here.

Avoid Oily products

Avoiding moisturisers, sun cream or tanning products which contain lanolin or mineral oil is an easy way to give your manicure a little more life. The ingredients in these products can cause gels and acrylics to weaken and lift. If you can’t resist, then always wear gloves for applying these kinds of products.