30 At-Home Beauty Activities For When You’re Bored AF

Thanks to lockdown and travel restrictions, chances are you have a lot more time on your hands right now than you’re used to… By now you’ve probably already learned how to bake banana bread, binge watched Friends for the fifth time, and lost count of how many Zoom quizzes you’ve played. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite beauty-related activities to help you pass the time. 

Attempt some nail art

If you’re missing your regular trips to the nail salon, why not give some DIY nail art a try? Click here for inspo. 

Experiment with cupping

This ancient healing technique is a celebrity favourite, and can help with anything from improving circulation to soothing stiff muscles. 

Treat your hair to some TLC

Pop a hair treatment on while you’re watching Netflix and rinse off after a few episodes to reveal smoother, straighter, sleeker hair. Here’s what happened when team BEAUTY BAY tried the Owow At-Home Smoothing Treatment Kit

Perfect your bright eyeshadow looks

It’s the biggest beauty trend that all the cool girls are rocking and allows you to express your makeup creativity while wearing a face covering.

Recreate a salon facial

For the next best thing to getting a professional treatment, check out salon brands like Elemis and Alpha-H and invest in skincare tech that will give you pro results from the comfort of your own home. Here are some top tips

Give yourself a pedicure

Is there anything more satisfying than smooth, soft feet and a freshly painted set of toes? Click here for colour options. 

Get instantly whiter teeth

These teeth whitening gadgets may not be as powerful as your dentist’s tools, but they’re a great way to maintain your teeth until your next visit. There are more options here, FYI. 

Finally organise your makeup

Sorting your makeup into categories makes the 7am hunt for concealer a whole lot easier. This might feel like a chore, but you won’t regret it. Pop your skincare in here while you’re at it. 

Sculpt your face with gua sha

Commit to daily use and over time you’ll help to reduce puffiness and firm loose skin. Plus, it’s a super relaxing ritual. Check out this guide to learn about the benefits of the different crystals

Use a dermaroller

It might look scary, but this clever device is a one-way ticket to glowing skin. The wheel is covered in tiny needles which prick the skin, stimulating collagen and the skin’s repair process. 

Try the famous foot peel

Using glycolic acid to break down and remove dead, dry, rough skin, these treatments are super gross but also mega satisfying. Plus, they’re not just for fun – when the process ends your feet will feel infinitely softer. Here’s one we tried earlier

Perfect your hair styling techniques

Now’s the time to practice the hairstyles you’ve always wanted to achieve. When lockdown is over you’ll practically be a pro. 

Take some time out with a vibrator

Did you know that orgasming has multiple forms of beauty benefits, ranging from boosting skin glow to aiding a better night’s sleep? Here’s a handy guide to using a vibrator if you’re a first-timer

Indulge in a hot bath

Why have a plain old shower when you could run a hot bath and escape from the world to soak for an hour? Candles, reading material, and red wine, optional. 

Make a BEAUTY BAY wishlist

There are hours of endless entertainment to be had in discovering new brands and compiling wishlists… Download the BEAUTY BAY app and discover your next beauty obsession. It could be one of these… 

Clean your makeup brushes

If you’re really bored, everyone’s least favourite beauty chore always needs doing. Check out our handy guide and get to work. 

Try a body mask

Naturally, the ever-innovative skincare industry did not stop short at sheet masks for the face… Nowadays there are masks specifically for your neck, heels, and even your bum. Wanna know more about full-body beauty? Click here

Say goodbye to blackheads

Removing blackheads is a long and fiddly process, but if you’ve got all the time in the world, the results are worth the effort. While you’re at it, here’s everything you need to know about blackheads and how to prevent them

Practice your makeup skills

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a makeup newbie, there’s always room for improvement – and the basic skills are the most important ones to practice. Get started with these tutorials

Get your glow on with an at-home peel

As long as you don’t do them too often, peels have endless beauty benefits. Typically a blend of exfoliating acids, these treatments help to remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother, brighter skin. And if you do overdose? Here’s how to fix your skin

Try a new hair colour

Check out these shockingly bright semi-permanent hair dye kits you can totally do at home. 

Try dermaplaning

This exfoliating treatment is not for the faint-hearted. The tiny blade scrapes away dead skin and peach fuzz so that makeup applies smoothly. Here’s everything you need to know if you’ve never done it before

Do a face massage

Another easy-to-do-at-home activity which you can incorporate into your skincare routine or do while you’re watching TV. There are loads of different tools you can use, and online tutorials to follow

Try the Foreo UFO

A high-tech approach to sheet masking, this device combines LED technology and sonic heatwaves to stimulate cells and boost the penetration of the mask’s ingredients. There are plenty of mask options to choose from. 

Brush up on your skincare knowledge

In the mood to learn? Here’s a fully comprehensive ingredient glossary, our maskne guide, and everything you need to know about getting rid of spots overnight


Shape your brows

If you have no idea when your next visit to your brow tech will be, now is probably a good time to take matters into your own hands (literally). 

Do a full body tan

Your diary might be empty for the foreseeable, but that’s no reason not to give yourself a head-to-toe winter glow. Professional tanner Jules von Hep has all the deets

Make a DIY face mask

If there’s one thing more fun than applying a face mask, it’s concocting the face mask first. A smarter version of the DIY masks you make with kitchen leftovers, these ones are packed with skincare benefits. 

Have a spa day

If you’re got a whole day of absolutely nothing ahead of you, why not combine a few of the above into a full-on self-care day. Since spa days are all about ambience, comfy clothes and scented candles are essential.