A Step-By-Step Guide To Jade Rolling​

If there is one way to enhance your beauty routine without adding more serums to your already bursting daily regime, it’s with a facial roller. Known to have a number of skincare and wellness benefits, using a roller on a daily basis is the yoga class your skin needs.

An ancient Chinese practice which has been used for thousands of years, facial rolling can help to improve blood circulation in the face to firm and brighten the, help to depuff, cool and soothe, as well as helping with the absorption of your fave serums and sheet masks.

To start you on your next skincare obsession, By BEAUTY BAY is here to help you relax and unwind with the dual-sided Jade Facial Roller. Made using 100% naturally sourced jade, a stone which is thought to soothe the mind, release negative thoughts, and bring harmony, the roller is your next go-to for reducing tension and restoring calm to both your skin and mind.

So, grab your roller, a serum or sheet mask, and follow our step-by-step guide in collab with @allyoucanface on how to use By BEAUTY BAY’s Jade Facial Roller.


Before your massage, you can apply your favourite serum, oil, moisturiser, or sheet mask. The roller will help with the absorption of vital ingredients. The roller can also be stored in the fridge prior to use for an extra cooling effect.

To begin, use sweeping, upwards motions to massage the throat. For best results, roll upwards rather than back and forth.


With light pressure, roll the sides of the neck downwards towards the collar bones.


Roll along the jawline starting just above the chin and moving outwards towards the ear.


Starting at the edge of the nose, move the roller outwards, following the curve of the cheekbone to the ear. Use the small roller for this massage.


Using the smaller roller and gentle pressure, roll under the eye sweeping out towards the ear.


Starting in the centre of the eyebrows, sweep the large roller upwards. Roll firstly to left, then in the centre, then to the right, ensuring all areas of the forehead have been covered.