8 At-Home Rituals Helping To Make Beauty Experts Feel 10x Better

When the world is going through a global crisis, talking about beauty can seem a bit frivolous. But it’s amazing how something as small as putting your makeup on in the morning can totally transform your day. Beauty has the unique ability to boost your mood and switch your mind-set. It’s not just ‘putting your face on’ in the morning that can help either. Your evening beauty routine is just as important. The ritual of taking time and focussing on you (whether it’s for a few minutes or a good hour) can help to reduce stress and anxiety; which is what we all need right now. So we asked a bunch of our favourite beauty experts what daily rituals they have been doing that help lift their mood in such a crazy time.

“I’m a bit of a tanning addict at the best of times, but since lockdown – things haven’t changed one bit. For the first couple of weeks, I didn’t bother tanning and I felt really rubbish and unmotivated. So last week I gave myself a good coat of Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam and felt instantly better. It’s crazy how something as small as a good fake tan can really lift your mood and help you stay motivated and pro-active. I keep my face topped up with St Tropez Purity Vitamins Serum which allows me to not wear face makeup and still look bronzed and healthy!”— Chloe Burcham, Freelance Beauty Editor @chloeburcham

“I’ve never really gotten into the whole dry body brushing thing. But now that we’ve got loads more time on our hands, I’m trying to make my beauty routine a bit more ritualistic. I’ve started skin brushing with the Skin Gym Body Brush every single day. I wake up, do 20 minutes of yoga, dry body brush and then jump in the shower. It really helps to wake up my skin and I swear my cellulite has reduced too.”— Chloe Burcham, Freelance Beauty Editor @chloeburcham

“Since lockdown my skincare routine has become much more complex and high maintenance. Not because it needs it – my skin has been clearer than ever – but because I have more time on my hands to ice roll, face mask, and experiment with beauty tools. it is my job after all! I figured now was the best time to start a course of at-home microneedling – since giving my skin downtime from makeup and being able to apply skincare products around the clock has meant I can deal with the side effects (increased sensitivity and dryness). I’ve been using Kitsch’s Micro Derma Facial Roller once a week and following it up with cica serum and squalane oil to keep the sensitivity and flakiness at bay.” – Grace Day, Beauty Editor at BEAUTY BAY @thatgracegirl

“I’m definitely low-key when it comes to beauty but I genuinely don’t think there’s any greater pick-me-up hack than shaving your legs. Seriously, smooth silky pins are instant mood-lift! With extra time on my hands, I’m doing extra TLC, using skin-oil on them and then extra moisturising too cos they seem to be super dry. Getting myself ready for that holiday at the end of all this…” — Alice Tate, blogger at Flashanthology.com @alice_tate

“I find I break out if I use too many different face masks so I don’t really use them, but I do love Origins overnight hydrating one. I’ll use this once a week to keep my skin feeling fresh and get that self-care zen feeling that using a mask leaves you with.” – Alice Tate, blogger at Flashanthology.com @alice_tate

“Juggling my two-year-old (a mini dictator if ever there was one) and working full-time means there is no way in hell that I’m getting to saviour any of the ‘free’ time that so many seem to boast about on social media. Oh, how I long to organise my bathroom cabinets or bake banana bread, even just picking my clothes up of the floor would be a start. There is zero smugsolation going on over here. What’s keeping me sane you ask? Two words. Red lipstick. Whilst I don’t have time (or the need) to put on a full face, I have been painting my lips in a pillarbox red every morning, just before my commute downstairs. Boy does it work wonders. Instantly my complexion looks perkier and my whole look a bit more pulled together.  It imbues a sense of confidence, something I’m in desperate need when faced with getting through the day.“ — Perdita Nouril, Beauty Editor at Women’s Health @perditanouril

“For me my main goal to keep my skin looking nice. I need to like what I see in the mirror in the morning, straight after I wake up and remember where we are at in the world right now.  The main battle is keeping my skin hydrated and for that I absolutely love the NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. It is one of the best HA serums I’ve ever tried and extremely good value for money considering how much technology it boasts.” — Beauty Blogger ReallyRee @reallyree

“Every evening, come what may, when I’m about to hit the hay I douse my pulse points in essential oils. I’ll often use a blend, I love pairing lavender oil with peppermint oil, or anything that has a hint of eucalyptus oil in it too. I apply a rich hand cream, taking time to properly massage it in, making sure to include my cuticles – it’s a great way boost circulation to your fingertips and build up nail strength over time. It’s my little pre-bed ritual that I’ve done for as long as I can remember. By the time I reach for the essential oils my phone’s already on charge and down for the night, and the well-honed routine signals to my body that it’s time to sleep. I credit it, in part, for my ability to nod off quickly, it’s a matter of minutes before I’m out. It could have something to do with the smell too. My mother always added drops of lavender oil to my pillow if I was having trouble sleeping as a child, it’s incredibly calming. It worked then, and it works now.” Annie Vischer, Beauty Editor at Grazia @annievischer