8 Accessories To Upgrade Your At-Home Workout Routine

With gym memberships out of action, 2020 was the year we all got used to setting up makeshift gyms on our living room floors. Now that it’s 2022, you’re probably due an equipment upgrade… While gyms and studios are starting to open up again, many of us are choosing to stick to our at-home workouts – after all, it saves money and means you can use exercise to break up your WFH schedule with a bit of HIIT between Zoom calls. For me, working out from home has had massive benefits for my mental health and has given structure to my days, while forcing me to get active and release some precious endorphins. 

If, after two years of using tin cans as weights, you’re keen to upgrade your at-home workouts, we’ve rounded up the best at-home gym equipment to help increase the challenge – and bring a little ‘pro’ to your exercise routine. 

Smug Skipping Rope

Perfect for a quick break in-between time spent at your (makeshift) desk, skipping is a great way to raise your heart rate and get some cardio activity into your routine. This lightweight rope has an adjustable length, so it works for any height. 

Bala Resistance Bands

Resistance bands work by adding extra pressure to your muscles when you stretch, forcing them to engage to fight the tension – they’re often incorporated into pilates and yoga exercises to add an extra challenge. This multipack from Bala offers five different levels of resistance so you can gradually increase your strength. 

Lola Portable Massage Device

The next best thing to getting an IRL massage, massage guns target muscle tissue with rapid bursts of pressure to help release knots and relieve post-workout aches and stiffness. With four heads, designed for different areas of the body, Lola’s Portable Massage Device is perfect for targeting everything from stiff legs to sore shoulders. 


Another barre class staple, sliders can easily be incorporated into your at-home workouts (everything from mountain climbers to lunges) to add an extra challenge that helps target core strength. These extra durable Bala Sliders are dual-sided so they work on a variety of soft and hard surfaces. 

Bala Bangles

Ankle weights are an easy way to make your living room workouts more challenging and effective – in fact, you can even wear them around the house or on your lunchtime walk if you want to add a little burn to your daily routine. With their super-soft silicone surface and adjustable Velcro straps, Bala Bangles are some of the most comfortable and secure we’ve tried. 

Psychic Sisters Gemstone Bottle

Staying hydrated is key when you’re exercising and having a reusable water bottle to hand is much better for the environment than cycling through multiple single-use plastic bottles. Featuring a Reiki-charged semi-precious stone (which helps to boost alkalinity and increase oxygenation), this Psychic Sisters Gemstone Bottle ticks all the boxes. 

Bala Bars

Designed with an even wight distribution and ergonomic grip, the Bala Bars will be a welcome addition to your workout routine if it features strength workouts such as curls, rows, presses, and flies. 

Bala Power Ring

Think of the Bala Power Ring as a cross between a kettlebell and a dumbbell – just much easier to grip and maneuver. Incorporate it into your workout as you squat, press, and swing to increase strength and endurance and to test balance.