This Liquid Bronzer Is Like A Holiday In A Bottle

I’ve never been into face tanning (I use too many AHAs and BHAs for it to have any lasting effect on my face), and my tight budget this summer has kept me from taking the poolside holiday I’ve been dreaming of since January. Added to that, I’ve sworn off sunbathing altogether and am religious about applying SPF30 to my face daily, no matter what the weather (to avoid sunburn and lasting sun damage). All these reasons add up to the fact that my skin isn’t exactly as golden and glowing as I’d like it to be come the end of summer… 

But, if you’re in a similar position to me, don’t worry – I’ve found a fix. Beached Rays For Days Natural Bronzer Serum – a dewy, blendable liquid that can be mixed under, over, or into your makeup or moisturiser for the kind of natural, healthy glow you’d expect from a week in Barbados, not from an unassuming red bottle. 

The lightweight liquid is the perfect partner to liquid foundation but can also be mixed with skincare products or worn on its own. In fact, it’s a bit of a makeup-skincare hydrid, thanks to protective UVA and UVB filters and ingredients like kakadu plum (the highest known natural source of vitamin C in the world). It’s basically a two-step approach to achieving glowy skin, both in the long- and the short-term. 

Just like the powder kind, this liquid bronzer adds subtle warmth and definition – apply to pale skin for a temporary tan or to already sunkissed skin for an airbrushed effect. The best part is that unlike powder bronzers, you won’t get the cakey, matte finish – instead, the light reflecting pigments within leave skin glowing (without being OTT shimmery). Which is perfect, since this year’s trend for fresh, dewy, radiant skin has ‘liquid bronzer’ written all over it. 

My preferred way to apply this is to put a drop onto my beautyblender with a pump of foundation, dot over my face, and then blend in. At first, the dark brown colour can look scary, but it only takes minimal blending to result in a natural looking warmth without the orange undertones – perfect for enhancing my (very!) fair skin. What’s more, the formula is so light and sheer, I forget I’m even wearing it until I look in the mirror and notice that my skin looks sunkissed (without the sun damage), which is all I want at this time of year (or anytime really).