8 Best Angled Brushes For Every Step Of Your Routine

Despite what you might have heard, angled brushes are not exclusively reserved for your eyeshadow routine. Unlike round fluffy brushes, angled brushes are extremely versatile and can be used to apply a myriad of different makeup formulas, from bronzer to eyeliner. The beauty of angled brushes is that you have more control to create definition on the face as the brush works with the shape of your face, hugging and sculpting your bone structure.

Scroll down for our edit of the very best angled brushes to buy now.


Dedicated brow tamers will tell you – a spoolie and small angled brush are necessary for crafting superb arches. Thankfully, the 12 Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush comes with both so you can count on it to groom, fluff, fill and blend all in one foul swoop. Use the synthetic angled brush with pomades, creams and powders to bolster your brows to perfection. Once filled, the fine tip allows artful shaping. Our top tip? Brush your brows up before filling them in, for a more natural looking, fuller brow. Have one to hand at all times and your brows will never look back.


Ideal for liquid, cream or powder eyeliner formulas, the Rose Gold Glam Just Wing It Angled Liner Brush features densely packed, super soft synthetic bristles that feel just like natural hair. Alongside being vegan and cruelty free, it’s also anti-bacteria, too. Use to create detailed eyeliner looks that need precise application.


A staple soft angled brush that can be used for shading colour in the creases of the eyes, or to add highlight along the brow bone – the E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush really is a must-have makeup tool. The angle allows easy application and blending on all eye shapes and the soft synthetic bristles have been created to better hold, apply and blend product.


The Authority Fluffy Concealer Brush has been created to cater to the needs of delicate under eyes thanks to the high quality, soft vegan bristles, which make light work of hiding dark circles. Simply sweep, buff and blend your concealer to instantly brighten and fake a full 8 hours of sleep. The angled head lets you easily cover those hard to reach areas like the inner corners of your eyes and each brush has been coated with an anti-bacterial protective layer, to keep them as hygienic as possible.


Staple tool in your routine, it makes to spend a bit more buck. Mr Perfect Foundation brush is exactly as it sounds, an expert at seamlessly covering your base. The secret? Super fluffy, densely packed Teddy Bear Hair bristles that catch just enough cream, mousse, powder or gel and then dispense it onto the skin evenly snd smoothly. Regardless of how heavy handed you get with your buffing, the beefy brush still holds its shape.


We challenge you to find a cheaper, cuter and better contour brush. Yep, this one really does tick all boxes. The pink plush brush feels velvety soft on the skin, but is firm enough to blend your contour, removing any streaks or harsh lines. It’s the perfect size to fit snugly in the hollows of your cheeks and the angled bristles allow you to sculpt and shape effortlessly. The best part? It comes in at under £3, which is basically unbeatable in terms of value for money, especially considering it rivals expensive brands.


This brush has racked up an impressive amount of 5-star reviews – and for good reason. Whether you’re a cream flush kinda gal or more of a powder person the Blusher Brush BB104 works wonders with any and every blusher out there. A key tool from BEAUTY BAY’s brush collection, the synthetic, vegan brushes have been tapered to fit the face, letting you apply your blush of choice to the apples of your cheeks in one sweeping movement.


It might be called a contour brush but the HD Angled Contour Brush is our weapon of choice for faking that freshly tanned complexion. There’s no wasting product with this one. Those velvety purple dip-dyed bristles pick up and distribute just enough pigment to bronze your base to perfection. The angled shape allows speedy application across the forehead, cheeks and along the jawline – the key places you’ll want to be hitting for that post-holiday glow.