The Best Bronzer Brushes

It’s one thing to have an amazing bronzer to help you fake that post-beach glow, but an incredible bronzer brush is just as, if not, more important. A big, luxurious brush is essential as the summer approaches, but choosing the right one can be a bit of a task.

Do you go big and fluffy with bristles that pack in the pigment, or do you go soft and tapered? It’s one of life’s big beauty questions, and that’s before we even begin to consider an angled bronzer brush. To save you the time and effort of finding your perfect glow-faker/summer on a stick, we’ve rounded up six of our faves.

Unicorn Cosmetics Whisp Me Away Powder Brush

Let’s start at the top with Unicorn Cosmetics’ Whisp Me Away, a brush that not only packs some serious bronzing punch but looks like a beach-side ice cream cone. The plush, super-soft brush not only functions as a killer bronzer brush but also as powder and blush brush too. Hello hand luggage friendly.

NABLA Big Powder Brush

NABLA’s Big Powder Brush does exactly what is says on the box. The large brush is designed to flawlessly blend and buff bronzer for an airbrushed finish and a very glowy glow. The ultra-soft bristles pick up and distribute product for the ultimate controlled application, meaning no blotchy bronzer!

L.A. Girl Angled Face Brush

If you’re looking for a brush to chisel, define and hug the contours of the face while evenly blending your bronzer, an angled brush will deliver. The Angled Face Brush delivers a more professional finish, perfect when you need your bronzer to be more glam than glow.

Misslyn Multi Powder Brush

Misslyn’s soft-bristled, fluffy brush is great for apply bronzer to the face and the body. The plush tool features a round head to apply bronzer evenly to the cheeks, high-points and even the collar bones to match a strappy top. With an irresistible hot pink design, this brush will look Insta-perfect your next shelfie.

wet n wild Blush Brush

Approved by our Beauty Editor, wet n wild’s Blush Brush is densely packed with bristles for perfectly applying bronzer to the apples of the cheeks and cheek bones for that just-got-back-from-the-beach glow that is essential to any summer look.  The chic ombre bristles blend bronzer for a beautifully radiant glow.

ZOEVA 96 Luxe Powder Veil Brush

It’s hard not to give a glowing review of ZOEVA 96 Luxe Powder Veil Brush. With a gentle tapered shape and ultra-soft bristles, the brush ensures bronzer is evenly dispersed without harsh lines. With a tapered in design, the brush is also great for applying highlighter to help create that ultimate glow.