The Best Cream Contours For All Occasions

You might think cream contouring is a difficult art to master – we’ve all had a go before, but ended up with muddy looking cheeks, or overly-bright under eyes! However, you don’t have to despair – nor do you have to resign cream contouring to your ‘out out’ makeup bag. The issue might be that you’re using the wrong kind of cream contour for you – perhaps it’s not the right contour shade for your skin tone, or maybe it’s too heavy for your skin type. Here, we run through the best cream contour palettes, sticks and sets for all skill levels and skin types, so you can get your glam on daily!

Best Cream Contour For: The Perfect Shade

UOMA Beauty specialise in making sure there’s a shade for everyone, in all of their products. So if you’ve found your perfect match in their vast range of foundation and concealers, you’ll love that you can now also achieve undetectable highlight and contour shades, too. With its double ended design, the UOMA Beauty Double Take Contour Stick is perfectly tailored to provide just the right shade and light for your skin tone. No more ‘slightly too orange’ or ‘dusty’ looking contouring – just flawless looking, defined cheekbones!

Best Cream Contour For: The Pros

RCMA might make professional cosmetics of makeup artist quality, but luckily for us, it’s available to everyone. The RCMA Series Favourites 5 Part Palette Highlight and Contour houses different cream contour and highlight shades, to give you a really professional result. The various shades allow you to switch up the intensity of your contour, giving your makeup look multiple dimensions. Play around with the different shades on different areas of your face, always using the darkest ones where you want the most ‘hollow’ look – such as right up under your cheekbones. For a less defined (yet still snatched!) look, use the medium shades for around your temples, and on your nose.

Best Cream Contour For: Full Glam

We all love to get fully glammed up – sometimes the process of getting ready is even better than the night out itself! And who could have created a better full cream contour than the queen of contouring herself; Anastasia Beverly Hills? With the wide range of colours available in the ABH Stick Contour, you can choose the perfect contour and highlight shades for your skin tone. Just sweep them on where you want them, and blend right into your foundation (and make sure to set with powder afterwards, for chiseled cheekbones that last a whole night on the dance floor!)

Best Cream Contour For: Natural Contour

For the majority, cream contour isn’t an every day occurrence – it’s usually saved for nights out and party makeup looks; not used for the daily beat. This is because it can look too heavy with a natural makeup look. But for those who want the carved out cheekbones of dreams daily (and who says this should only be saved for special occasions?!), Illamasqua has a solution. Their Gel Sculpt cream contouring stick has a lightweight, gel formula, that glides and blends effortlessly. And with its water resistant formula, you can feel assured your makeup won’t start moving around on a sweaty commute, either. So you can get that ‘full glam’ feel daily, without the weight (or the effort!) Because of its lightweight texture, this cream contour is an amazing option for those with more mature skin too, as it won’t sink into fine lines, nor will it crease throughout the day.