I Tried Hundreds Of Different Face Masks To See Which Actually Work

Any skincare junkie will know— finding your perfect face mask is tricky. There are so many good ones out there, how are you ever supposed to find “the one”? After all, there are different face masks for different occassions. There’s your in-flight hydration mask, your hungover ‘help me’ mask, the ‘OMG my skin keeps breaking out’ mask and everyone’s favourite… the ‘let me take a selfie’ mask.

But, no matter what mask you’re looking for, we’re here to help. Because I’ve done the leg-work for you, and tried tonnes of different face masks, to find out which are really worth your buck.

Whether you’re in the market for a facial-in-a-tub or want some cute sheet masks for your Sunday sessions… these are the 6 best face masks you need to know about.  

Best for: breakouts, without drying you out

The problem with a lot of ‘problem skin’ products, is that they can not only dry up your blemishes, but leave your skin feeling dry too. And anyone who’s ever tried to conceal a crusty zit will know that’s not a good look. Fortunately, that’s where Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask comes in. It’s hydrating— as well as being seriously antibacterial. Zapping zits in one go, but leaving the rest of your skin nourished and soft. 

Best for: Sunday night R&R

There’s a reason why this mask is instagram-famous. Sure the packaging is chic and looks great on a shelfie line-up… but it’s the product inside that’s the real reason why people wax-lyrical about this clay mask. In just 10 minutes, skin is left brighter, softer and smoother— and unlike other clay products, your skin won’t break out in the days following.

Best for: hiding late nights

Late night? Work the next morning? Pop these on whilst you make your morning coffee and your boss will have no idea you’ve had less than 40 winks. They’re super hydrating, and leave your under-eyes moisturised and smooth— meaning concealer applies better, without sinking into creases.

Best for: a pre-party glow

If your skin is feeling a bit bleugh— this is the 20-minute facial you need. Packed with a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants, it’s like giving your skin a much-needed green juice before heading out the door. Skin is left looking way more radiant and glowier than before, and feeling super smooth… the perfect pre-makeup prep.

Best for: hungover skin

Sure, this face mask is designed to get you ‘red carpet ready’— but personally, I think it’s the ultimate for post-party hangovers. The bio-cellulose design means that it clings to skin, letting your complexion drink up the serum, without any faff of it falling off. The vitamin-rich coconut juice and conditioning blend of amino acids helps plump skin, leaving it healthy and hydrated.

Best for: sensitised, reactive skin

Whether you’ve over-done it on the acids, or your skin is just naturally quite sensitive, this jelly-like mask is the one for you. It’s seriously hydrating, soothing and cooling on the skin… delivering hydration and moisture, without irritating your skin barrier.