TikTok Made Me Buy It: Dr Jart+ Cryo Rubber Mask

TikTok has quickly replaced Instagram as the go-to place to discover new beauty products, tips, dupes, and trends. From makeup transformations to breakout treatments, everything has the potential to be a viral sensation on the app. Plenty of BEAUTY BAY products have shot to instant fame (and sold out straight away) thanks to TikTok, and we’ve made our fair share of beauty discoveries after getting stuck into the cycle of endless scrolling. 

Read on to discover beauty editor Grace’s latest TikTok beauty find… 

Earlier in the year I raved about Dr Jart+’s Cicapair Treatment, a colour-correcting cream which went viral on TikTok thanks to its ability to do everything from toning down redness to soothing irritation. Three months (and 642831 TikTok scrolls later) and I’ve noticed another Dr Jart+ product doing the rounds on my ‘For You’ page. The Cryo Rubber Masks may look like something from a horror story, but they have rave reviews from skincare-obsessed TikTokers, and if you’re still not convinced that sheet masks are good for anything other than a selfie, they will totally change your mind.  

Inspired by cryotherapy (a treatment which lowers the body temperature, forcing it into a ‘recovery’ process to reset it to a healthy state), these are no ordinary sheet masks… They’re formulated to cleverly lower skin temperature for an instant cooling effect, which not only feels amazing, but also helps to improve blood flow and ingredient absorption. Basically, colder skin leads to better results – which is why storing your Cryo Rubber masks in the fridge will supercharge the benefits even further. 

You start the process by applying the serum-like ampoule included in the packet onto your skin, then you layer the rubber mask (made from a seaweed and algae blend) on top to seal the ingredients in and prevent them from evaporating. Wait 30-40 minutes, then remove to reveal skin that looks noticeably calmer and replenished. What’s more, unlike regular sheet masks which sometimes have great short-term results but don’t really help in the long-term, the Cryo Rubber masks can really help to turn around skin that’s in need of a reset, especially if your skin is dehydrated or irritated. If you’ve been unwell, you’re hungover, or your skin has just been through a bad patch, these masks are a great place to kickstart your way back to skin that looks fresh and clear. There are two varieties available, one comes with a hyaluronic acid ampoule to improve hydration, and the other includes an allantoin ampoule, which helps to calm and heal stressed skin – but both are super gentle so will work for any skin type. 

Face masks with fun aesthetics have always attracted a following on social media apps, and how could these not? They’re cute, pastel, and have peaked in time for us to stock our fridges ahead of a summer heatwave. Plus, they really are every bit as good as they look.