7 Face Serums That Really Work

Gone are the days when our skincare routines involved just a few makeup wipes and a moisturiser.  Not that long ago, face serums came onto the scene and taught us how to really look after our skin. With so many formulas and types available, there’s always a face serum for every skin type. Whether you’re looking for a brightening formula, one that works for acne-prone skin or you’re looking to reduce the signs of aging, we’ve got the face serum that works for you. Check out our recommendations below and add your fave(s) to your haul.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Serum

Elemis have long been one of the brands that we have loved and trusted in bringing us some of the most advanced products in the skincare world. The Dynamic Resurfacing Serum is a coveted favourite for a reason. The lightweight, fruity-scented serum smooths onto the skin leaving it feeling soft, rejuvenated, and glowy. Formulated with four flower AHAs for gentle exfoliation, as well as a patented Tri-Enzyme technology, this super soft serum sinks into the skin to minimise the appearance of pores, tackle wrinkles, and reveal a radiance like no other.

Skincare By BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Soothing Serum

Earlier this year we launched our own skincare line that’s packed full of purse-friendly formulas that really work. You’ll find something for everyone in our range of SkinHit serums, but a personal fave is the SkinHit Soothing Serum. Suitable for all skin types, this balancing serum harnesses the power of niacinamide and copper to regulate oil production and balance sebum levels, which can lead to clogged pores. Suffer from acne and hormonal breakouts? This is your skin saviour.

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum

Korean skincare holds the secret to some of the most advanced formulas there are, and this Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum is no exception. This serum uses tiger grass, an ancient Asian herb that’s known for it’s calming properties, to soothe and calm even the most sensitive skin types, whilst strengthening the skin’s natural barrier against flare-ups caused by external aggressors. If you’re prone to breakouts, sensitivity or redness, this is the quick-healing serum that will work for you.

UpCircle Beauty Organic Facial Serum With Coffee Oil

Looking for an all-rounder that ticks all the boxes? The UpCircle Beauty Organic Facial Serum With Coffee Oil is a face serum that has all kinds of benefits for so many different skin types. The organic, natural, vegan, sustainable, AND cruelty-free formula uses jojoba, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils to help boost collagen and keep the skin feeling firm. Enriched with vitamin C and coffee, not only will this serum fight wrinkles but it will also brighten and improve the overall radiance of your complexion.

Gallinee Prebiotic Youthful Serum

We’re obsessed with prebiotic-focused brand Gallinee, who have a range of products that focus on the balancing and skin-restoring properties of prebiotics – FYI, they’re just as good for your face as they are for your stomach. Highly concentrated in probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic actives, the Prebiotic Youthful Serum helps to renew, soften, and smooth your skin whilst reducing the signs of aging. Another great does-it-all serum, this is one that you need to add to your collection.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% B5

Arguably the brand that taught us just how important serums are, The Ordinary gifted us with a hardworking serum that you’ll struggle to find a bathroom cupboard without – the Hyaluronic Acid 2% B5. The OG hyaluronic face serum, this lightweight, easily absorbed formula melts into your skin to give you hydrating benefits like no other. Hyaluronic acid is known for holding up to 1000 times it’s weight in water, meaning that not only does it attract moisture (and lots of it) into the skin, it also stops it from escaping. Ideal for any skin type, even oily, this is the go-to hydration hero.

Revolution Skincare Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid

If, like me, you’re a long-term acne sufferer, you’ll know what it’s like to have tried pretty much every blemish-busting product there is. But sometimes, simple works best, and this no-frills facial serum from Revolution Skincare is one of those prime examples. The Targeted Blemish Serum 2% Salicylic Acid is formulated with one of the best breakout banishing ingredients there is. Salicylic acid works by clearing your pores of breakout causing dirt, grime, impurities, and sebum, leaving your skin feeling fresh, less congested, and clear. Make sure to have a bottle of this on hand for those acne emergencies.