These Are The Best Fake Tans, According To You

Finding the right tan can be a tricky task. Some of us may be all too familiar with the dreaded tan hands or tiger bread patchiness – let’s face it, neither are a look, so trying out a new fake tan can be something that you really have to psyche yourself up for. Whether you prefer a mousse or a water, guide colour or clear, natural or ultra-dark, there’s sure to be the perfect tan out there for you. The number one thing we pay attention to when it comes to finding a new tan is the reviews, so we’ve got together our best fake tans, chosen and reviewed by you.

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Dripping Gold Mousse

“This is my favourite tan on the market. It smells good, doesn’t leave any streaks, applies so easily, easy to add an extra layer without it going weird, beautiful golden colour, doesn’t leave your skin dry, super dark!! If I’m going out or have an event planned I know I can always rely on this tan to make me look amazing. I recommend this to literally everyone!!” – BEAUTY BAY Customer

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark

“This was the first self tanning foam I ever bought, and I love the way my skin looks after using it! It’s definitely fool-proof, and the color is beautiful. I have light skin, so I was scared of the tan not looking natural, but the shade dark leaves me with the perfect, natural-looking tan! I highly recommend this product!” – Robin, BEAUTY BAY Customer

Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops Medium

“I have tried many, many different tanning products over the years and have always found them mediocre. I have very fair skin and streaks show up easily. This product can be built-up which means you’re less likely to miss one spot continuously, the tan is a lovely shade, it doesn’t smell bad and dries pretty quickly.” – BEAUTY BAY Customer

Coco & Eve SUNNY HONEY Bali Bronzing Foam Medium

“This tan knocks all other tans out of the park. Easy, even application. Very good if you’re inexperienced or not that great at applying tan, I always have problems with applying tan on my hand but this turned out amazing. Highly recommend.” – Jade, BEAUTY BAY Customer

St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse

“I have naturally very light skin and I find it hard to get a nice tan that’s deep but also looks natural, this tan does that AND it makes my skin soft! This tan also is great for people who have sensitive skin. It doesn’t stick to the dry patches ether. It is well worth the price tag.” – BEAUTY BAY Customer

Tan Luxe THE FACE Medium – Dark

“Moving here from Australia I wasn’t used to how white my face got. I’d never used any sort of fake tan before but wanted something to give me a little glow in the winter months. This is so easy to use (a couple of drops in your moisturiser) and you will see results the next day. Visible enough to notice, but also very natural looking. Absolutely love this!” – Michelle, BEAUTY BAY Customer