The Best False Eyelashes for Each Eye Shape

Wearing false eyelashes will complete any look – whether delicate or dramatic, adding lashes is a perfect way to level up if you want to go all-out (after all, mascara can only do so much). But, did you know that the best way to choose a set of lashes is to go for a pair that will enhance your natural eye shape?

Just like choosing a hairstyle to enhance your face shape, choosing the right lash is a science you need to master. Whether your eyes are deep-set, almond-shaped, round or hooded, here’s how to find the best pair for you.

Deep-Set Eyes

What They Look Like: Sit under a prominent bone

Lash Type For You: Deep-set eyes sit under a strong brow and have the freedom to be more dramatic without overpowering the rest of the face. But to narrow it down, a lash with plenty of length, density and volume is what you need for the perfect flutter.

We Recommend: Lilly Lashes, Miami Flare.

Rounded Eyes

What They Look Like: Big and bright!

Lash Type for You: It can be difficult to find a lash to give rounded eyes a sultry look without making them look small. Opt for wispy styles that add plenty of length and will create a cat-eye effect to elongate your lashes.

We Recommend: Doll Beauty, Olivia.

Almond Eyes

What They Look Like: Points at each end and wider in the centre.

Lash Type for You: Almond-shaped eyes are complemented by most lash styles (lucky you!) but depending on your natural lash length and the look you want to create, a natural or glam lash style would flatter your face the most.

We Recommend: House of Lashes, Iconic Lite.

Hooded Eyes

What They Look Like: More skin above the crease.

Lash Type for You: Hooded eyes tend to have a prominent brow bone and your eyelid isn’t as visible when your eyes are open. To create depth, add an evenly full lash with plenty of drama at the centre to create bigger and brighter eyes.

We Recommend: Certifeye, 3D Blazing Lashes.

Mono-Lid Eyes

What They Look Like: No visible crease.

Lash Type for You: Most commonly found among Asian eyes, mono-lids have the luxury of being able to wear heavy and dramatic styled lashes without distracting from the rest of your makeup. Accentuate your eyes with lashes with flare, serious length, and multi-layers.

We Recommend: LAsplash, Golden Gatsby Debutant.

Close-Set Eyes

What They Look Like: Inner corners sit close to nose.

Lash Type for You: To highlight close-set eyes, focus on accentuating the outer corners to lift and lengthen outwards. Lash styles with longer lengths at the outer ends are sure to add pure drama to your eyes.

We Recommend: Velour Lashes, You Complete Me.

Down-Turned Eyes

What They Look Like: Have a downward tilt at the outer corners of your eyes.

Lash Type for You: Down-turned eyes have a slight tilt at the outer corner of the eye and have a more visible eyelid. For the perfect attention-grabbing look, create a lifted and balanced effect with a cat eye lash.

We Recommend: Doll Beauty, Stephanie.

Prominent Eyes

What They Look Like: Have a ‘lower lid’ and sit further out of the socket.

Lash Type for You: Prominent eyes are big, bright, alluring, and are the main event. Usually coupled with a ‘lower crease’, lashes with a natural yet romantic feel provide lightweight definition and accentuate the lash line.

We Recommend: Ardell, Natural Demi Wispies.