Back To Beauty School: All The MUA Hacks You Need To Know

We’re taking you back to beauty school to find out all about the latest in beauty. We’ve caught up with some of our fave MUAs to bring you all of their top tricks and best hacks to try out for yourself at home. So grab your notebook, get your pens, and get ready to head to class.


@scarlettfeathersmakeup from @scarlettfeathersstudios has been trying out some new techniques and has given us the lowdown.

TIP 1 – I’ve recently started cream contouring and highlighting under foundation – I find this gives a really subtle enhancement of your features whilst using much less foundation too. I love the Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer to highlight and the Revolution Foundation in shade F13 to contour!”

TIP 2 – I love using a vitamin C serum mixed in with my foundation to give the skin a healthy glow – the By BEAUTY BAY SkinHit Brightening Serum works particularly well for this! It also really helps your foundation blend evenly into the skin.”

TIP 3 – Liquid blush! This product has changed my life and the one I’ve fallen in love with is £2.50!!! MUA Makeup Academy Cream Blush in shade Tiger Lily is so gorgeous and I just apply with my BeautyBlender on the high points of the face just above the contour – it’s so pigmented but blends like a dream. Liquid products blend much better into the skin too.”


@rubylandles has given us some of her tips to get flawless, natural-looking makeup.

TIP 1 – A little tip I like to use in summer is a liquid bronzer as a primer under foundation or tinted moisturiser, as fake tan can cause breakouts and we shouldn’t expose our faces to too much sunlight. The Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint is amazing for this and gives such a summery glow. Just apply to all the places you would naturally catch the sun.”

TIP 2 – Inkeeping with a summery theme, I recently tried the Freck Faux Freckles and it’s so great! Again it gives such a summery feel to skin – tap the pen across the nose and cheeks lightly then press in with the fingertips to create natural, sunkissed freckles.”

TIP 3 – I’m definitely more of a balm or gloss girl, my favourite being Dr Lipp because it’s super nourishing. The tinted ones are amazing too. Try tapping a little bit onto your cheeks to really tie a look together. My favourite colour is Sweet Potato.”


@hartyyy is our go-to for all the insider info.

“TIP 1 – So my number one tip is: cream blush on top of a set base – it’s a game-changing makeup technique. Use your skin products as normal but make sure your cheeks are set with translucent powder (so that makeup ain’t going NOWHERE). Then take one of the amazing Nudestix Nudies Bloom Blushes (my faves are Sweet Peach Peony & Poppy Girl’, tap this over your powder for the nicest dewy glow. Meanwhile everything under this is set to perfection! Thank me later!

“TIP 2 – Lip liner in the water line – it makes for a cohesive effortless look. Choose a warm colour to make your eyes pop.”


@laureneddymakeup_ from @tigereyestudio has given us her secrets to achieve flawless skin.

“The easiest way to achieve full coverage but natural looking skin is by using just four products – tinted moisturiser, a medium/full coverage concealer, cream blush and Freck’s Faux Freckles.

Tinted moisturiser will give you some colour and glow, whilst the concealer will target the areas where you need the coverage, without feeling too heavy. Cream blush adds a flush of colour whilst still look dewy, and faux freckles creates the illusion of your natural skin coming through! It’s summer skin made easy”


We caught up with @rebeccacapelmakeup to find out her top tips and tricks.

TIP 1 – Faux freckles are not only so on trend right now but they also make any full coverage base look effortlessly natural! So if you’re wanting to make your base look a little more natural without compromising on coverage, you’ve definitely got to try faux freckles – I love Freck! I use it every day.”

TIP 2 – Cream blush can give that glow from within, sunkissed look without even stepping on a plane! I use an orange/red toned cream blush to get that sunkissed look all year round! My favourite is the Nudestix Plush Paint in Fresh Fiji it also doubles as a lip & eye product too!”

TIP 3 – Layering liquid shadows over pressed shimmer shadows really makes the shimmer pop! A combination of textures adds dimension to the eye so you can really get that sparkle. I love BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystals over all my shimmer shadows to really make them stand out!”