10 New Beauty Products We’re Obsessed With This Month

Working in the beauty industry has many, many perks, but if you ask any member of staff at BEAUTY BAY, they’ll tell you the samples are the biggest plus of the job. From a self-tan remover that actually works to a dewy, illuminating face base, the BEAUTY BAY staff know a good beauty buy when it comes their way, and they’re always willing to share their favourites.

Keep scrolling to meet May 2023’s talk-of-the-office beauty products.

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

“I’ve been using this Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash for YEARS so to say I was delighted when it came to BEAUTY BAY is an understatement! Just activate the powder with some water and it will gently exfoliate the skin then melt down into a beautiful foamy wash. This leaves my skin feeling soft and bright without feeling dry.”

Scarlett, Social & Community Executive


“I’ve found my new summer scent! Shay and Blue describe this as a “rebellious floral” and I couldn’t agree more. Not what you’d expect from a traditional floral fragrance, as the white tea note balances it out to make it feel super fresh and timeless.”

Jodie, Social Media Manager


“This liquid eyeshadow applied so smoothly and easily, it hardly took any effort to create the wing. The colour was so pigmented and bright! I can either wear this as a block colour or blend it out to mix with other shades and it works great both ways. The perfect colour for Summer” 

Summer, Mid-Weight Designer

Iconic London Illuminator

“I absolutely loved using the Iconic London Illuminator drops! It gave me a bronzed look which is perfect for summer and I also loved putting it on my neck and chest. Would highly recommend for the ultimate glow, worth the price and will last for ages!”

Asha, Junior Graphic Designer

Fable & Mane Sahascalp Amla Soothing Serum

“Since bleaching my hair it has always felt super dry not matter what I’ve tried. The serum has really helped to make my hair feel soft and so shiny! The Fable and Mane oil texture is really nice and smooth and has a gorgeous smell. I’m so happy I’ve found a product that is helping enhance the smoothness of my hair!”

Lauren, Junior Photographer

The Fox Tan Gradual Glow Body Lotion

“Fallen in LOVE with the Fox Tan Gradual Glow Body Lotion! It gives such a soft, natural tan that’s really easy to build up! Great if you’re new to tan or need a mid-week top-up. The passionfruit and pomegranate scent is a hugeee bonus as there’s no biscuity after smell! This is now a staple in my tanning routine.”

Hannah, CRM Executive

ESHO Coat Ultra Hydrating Repair and Heal Lip Balm

“I think I’ve just found my new fave lip balm- the texture is divine, it nourishes the lips, and the packaging is so chic! It sits comfortably on the lips without feeling sticky, even with a very generous layer. I normally have issues with dry lips around hay fever session but so far no issues. 10/10 would lip balm again!”

Cherie, Technical Manager- Cosmetics

By BEAUTY BAY Glow Filter

“Glow Filter is a great staple if you want that dewy glow whilst having smooth and a healthy looking complexion. I applied this to the high points of my face then popped a little foundation and was good to go. Amazed at how shade BB104 quickly adapted to my skin tone. A little goes a long way!”

Nicole, NPD Manager


“If like me, you always leave it to the last minute to remove old tan before applying the next coat, this self-tan remover needs to be on your radar! Like most, I was sceptical at first but I can genuinely say this product actually works! Perfect for those stubborn areas like ankles, knees, wrists and arm pits, just leave it onto the skin for a few minutes before scrubbing off, and you are finally fake tan free. Obsessed!!!”

Ashleigh, Copy & Editorial Executive


“Daytime moisturisers have a lot of boxes to tick – not only do they have to provide hydration that lasts all day, give skin a boost of radiance, and nourish any dry patches, but they also have to play well with makeup. Which means when I try out new moisturisers I’m not only looking for formulas that don’t pill once I put my foundation on, but that also prime skin for makeup, creating a smooth, silky base. This light gel-textured moisturiser does exactly that and ticks all of the above boxes for me.”

Grace, Copy & Editorial Manager