The 15 Best Highlighters For Radiant Skin

When it comes to makeup, sometimes going back to basics is best, and you can always rely on a powder highlighter to deliver the best looks. Ideal for beginners and MUAs alike, the best highlighter powders deliver a glow like no other. If you’re wondering whether to go for a powder highlighter or a liquid, you can never go wrong with the ease and seamless application of a powder, even when used with fingers.

So, let’s get to it — here are our best highlighters of all time, for every shade preference, glow level, and budget.

1) By BEAUTY BAY Highlighter Palette

First up on the list is one of our By BEAUTY BAY faves. This Highlighter Palette delivers three shades in one, so you have a powder highlighter for every mood. These golden-toned, baked highlighters give all the glow without any of the glitter, building to a strobe effect on the skin. They can be used wet or dry for extra intensity, and have you seen the depth of those pans? You’ll never run out of your fave.

2) By BEAUTY BAY Powder Highlighter

If you’re looking for just one pan you can always rely on, then the By BEAUTY BAY Powder Highlighter is our go-to. These lightweight, finely-milled, ultra-soft highlighters blend and melt onto the skin like a dream, leaving just the right amount of shimmer. The formula is blendable and buildable, and perfect for beginners, so you can tailor your glow to suit any look. Plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free, making your makeup routine that bit more planet-friendly.

3) Too Faced Moon Crush Highlighter

Too Faced has been an icon in makeup bags for as long as we can remember, so it’s only natural we turn to them to deliver the goods. The Moon Crush Highlighter is just as ethereal as it sounds. The ultra-pigmented, glossy finish gives a wet look to the skin that’s super glowy. The powder formula blends seamlessly onto the high points of the face, finishing your look perfectly.

4) Iconic London Kissed By The Sun Multi-Use Cheek Glow

Known for their glowy goods, the Iconic London Kissed By The Sun Multi-Use Cheek Glow is yet another highlighter you’re going to want in your stash. Available in five versatile shades, these highlighter-blusher hybrids can be used as a glowy wash of colour on the cheeks or as a highlighter on the high points of the face. It gives that sunkissed glow that we know and love from a highlighter for a fresh-faced holiday look without having to go anywhere.

5) KimChi Chic Beauty Pearl Gone Wild Highlighter

For some looks, only an icy white powder highlighter will do and the KimChi Chic Beauty Pearl Gone Wild Highlighter delivers. This super soft formula melts onto the skin for a blinding, icy pink glow like no other. The beauty of powder highlighters is that they’re super buildable, meaning you can apply just a little or a lot, depending on your makeup vibe.

6) ZOEVA Glow Get It Highlighter

If you need a highlighter you can always rely on, look no further than the ZOEVA Glow Get It Highlighter. This pigmented, lightweight formula has a second-skin effect, giving you a natural glow that looks lit from within. The long-wearing formula won’t go cakey or patchy, so you can be sure your powder highlighter will last day to night.

7) Half Magic Light Trap Duochrome Glow Powder

If there’s anyone who knows how to glow, it’s Euphoria’s very own Doniella Davy. Her very own brand, Half Magic, has one of the best powder highlighters out there. The Light Trap Duochrome Glow Powder is a powder highlighter with duo-chrome pigments for a colour-shift finish that looks great from every angle. The powder is butter-soft and blends like a dream, giving a fresh or blinding finish, depending on your preference.

8) Lethal Cosmetics Magnetic Pressed Highlighter

Available in an impressive 11 shades, Lethal Cosmetics is customisable beauty at its best. The Magnetic Pressed Highlighters are a blendable powder highlight that adds just the right amount of glow, without accentuating any fine lines or pores. The best bit is that these highlighters are magnetic and can be added to any custom palette, so you can customise them to suit your faves.

9) Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter

If you’re struggling between powder highlighter or liquid, let this be the decider. The Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter are staples within so many makeup bags, from beginners’ stashes to MUA kits. It’s a lightweight, buildable powder that melts into the skin and can be applied with fingers or a fluffy brush. Housed inside a pink mirrored compact, it’s a handbag essential for top-ups on the go.

10) BPerfect Body Talk Shimmering Lustre

The all-over glow starts with the BPerfect Body Talk Shimmering Lustre. This powder highlighter has been developed with the body in mind, so you can get that summer sunkissed glow all year round. It’s ultra-shimmery and can be used wet or dry, melting into the skin for a soft, sultry finish.

11) BPerfect Polar Vortex Highlighter

Another BPerfect fave is the Polar Vortex Highlighter. For a highlight that’s from another dimension, add this one to your haul. The intense tinted pigment can be built up or left sheer, allowing you to tailor the finish to suit each and every kind of look. 

12) About-Face Light Lock Powder

Unlock glass flow skin with the About-Face Light Lock Powder. One of the best powder highlighters, this formula delivers a translucent, smooth glow that gives that iconic glass skin effect. Available in multiple colours, the icy white with green-blue shift is our favourite if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

13) Ofra Highlighter Mini Rodeo Drive

When it comes to powder highlighters, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why we couldn’t miss out the iconic Rodeo Drive Highlighter from Ofra. Known and loved by so many globally, this shimmering highlighter is a shade and formula that suits so many. The soft, golden glow melts into the skin for a buildable level of highlight.

14) Makeup Revolution Highlight Reloaded

You can always rely on Makeup Revolution for budget-friendly makeup staples, and the Highlight Reloaded is no exception. This silky soft, shimmering highlighter buffs onto the skin for a high-impact shine that’s sure to get your makeup looks noticed. It blends seamlessly onto the skin, so there’s no cakiness and patchiness that you can sometimes find with liquid highlighters.

15) e.l.f Cosmetics Bite-Size Face Duo

Last but not least is this handy little makeup gem. The e.l.f Cosmetics Bite-Size Face Duo has a two-in-one blusher and highlighter in complementing shades. The soft, pigmented formula smooths onto the skin, making it a go-to for all your makeup looks. What’s even better is it costs less than your favourite take-out coffee, so we really can’t complain.