How To Apply Highlighter

If you’re a beauty beginner, learning how to achieve a flawless blend, cut a killer crease, or create a blinding highlight comes with time, lots of practice, and plenty of patience. Luckily, BEAUTY BAY’s MUA friends are on hand to show you the basics of really great makeup. In the Beginners Makeup Tutorial series, we’ll be showing you how to perfect all your beauty skills, from eyeshadow to eyeliner, highlighter to contour.

See below for @samtaylorcummings’ beginner tutorial on how to apply highlighter. 


Apply a light layer of face mist or setting spray to melt any powder products into the skin. The spray will also act as a base for the powder highlighter to stick to. Sam is using Makeup Revolution’s Hydrate and Fix Fixing Spray


Apply By BEAUTY BAY’s Powder Highlighter in shade Trophy with By BEAUTY BAY’s Rose Gold Glam Glow Up Highlighter Brush or Spectrum Collection’s A05 Brush from the Millennial Pink 10 Piece Essential Set. Be sure to tap off any excess to avoid patchiness. 

Be sure to apply the highlighter on the areas of the face that you want to accentuate. Start with the cheekbones, applying the highlighter using tapping or swirling motions. 


To create the illusion of a smaller forehead, apply a small amount of highlighting powder to the centre of the forehead. Sam is using Ofra X Talia Mar Highlighter in shade Soho


Using a smaller brush, ideally a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush, apply highlighter to the areas of the face that precise application. 

Apply down the bridge of the nose and to the tip to create the illusion of a more define nose. 


Powder highlighter can also be used on the inner corner of the eyes to create a bright and wide-awake effect. Tap a small amount of highlighter onto the corner of the eyes with a small eyeshadow brush. 


Using the same small eyeshadow brush, apply highlighter to the brow bone to help to create a lifted look. Dust a small amount of highlighter underneath the outer half of the brows for best placement. 


The Cupid’s Bow, the upper curve of the natural lip line, looks great when accentuated with powder highlighter too. 

Using the same small brush, dust a bit of highlighter over this area for the appearance of fuller lips.


Finish the look with a spritz of setting spray to hold the powder in place. This will help all powders on your face – especially the highlighter – to become one layer of product for a more radiant, lit-from-within look. 


Liquid highlighters can be used in exactly the same way, but will give a more skin-like, natural glow. 

Using a liquid highlighter can be daunting, so applying the product to the back of your hand before you apply is Sam’s hack to not ruining your makeup. 


A makeup sponge or fingers are best for applying liquid highlighters. Sam is using Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Glow Highlighter

Dip your chosen applicator into product on the back of your hand and apply to all the aeras of the face mentioned in the previous steps. Use controlled mentions and blend as quickly as possible because liquid highlighters dry quickly.